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Wear Cascading Fishtail Braid for Parties

Wear Cascading Fishtail Braid for Parties

Image © Missy Sue

There is a special party coming up this week and you don’t know what to do with your hair, right? You have purchased a nice maxi dress and the matching pair of shoes, you don’t like going to saloon because it feels like wastage of money and time, you believe that it’s good to learn something online and try it on hair, if so, you might want to wear a nice cascading fishtail braid now because it’s suitable for parties, formal events and any casual function such as birthday and engagement parties.

You will feel that there is some messiness in the braid, which basically makes it more beautiful and sleek because tightly done braids always stretch your hair. The loose hairstyles also work like a nice face frame so if your face is small (in heart shape) or oblong you should try messy braids as they can transform your look completely.

Things needed for cascading fishtail braid

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  • Hair wax, cream or gel
  • Nice brush
  • Rat tail brush for sectioning
  • Ponytail

Tutorial on how to do cascading fishtail braid

  1. Start by making a partition on hair, which can be done on side where hair is healthy and heavy.
  2. Take this hair section in hand and brush a little, then divide it in three hair sections, they should be of equal size.
  3. Cross the back hair loop over the middle and then cross the front strand over the middle,
  4. Now cross the back strand over the middle and add some hair into section to complete the strand.
  5. Repeat the process 3 again with front strand.
  6. Repeat the process 3 2ith back strand.
  7. Now divide the front hair strand into two parts or hair sections, one half over the middle hair loop.
  8. Drop down the other half and let it fall down.
  9. Take some hair to add into this crossed over hair piece.
  10. Repeat process 5 , 6 and 7 until you get four waterfall hair loops hanging down on the hair.
  11. When you are done, split the hair into two halves and then let one half fall down and add hair to the second half to make the braid.
  12. Continue your braid until you run out of hair.

Video Tutorial on how to do cascading fishtail braid

Video Credit Image © Missy Sue

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