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Tutorial on Inverted Fishtail Headband Braid

Tutorial on Inverted Fishtail Headband Braid

Image © Missy Sue

You might have seen beautiful runway models wearing a nice headband braid. The first thought you get after seeing a headband weave is ‘it might have taken a lot of time and struggle.’ Contrary to what we think and assume, the braid is rather very easy to make, just follow some simple steps. There is no complication involved in it except for that you need to make two separated inverted fishtail braid by using three loops of hair and then set both braid together in one headband by using bob pins. You will definitely love the braid design once it’s ready, you can tie it with a ribbon or a nice clip easily.

Things needed for Inverted fishtail headband braid

  • Hel gel in a non greasy texture
  • Hair brush of any kind, for waves you need paddle
  • Alligator clip to hold the back hair in a separate section
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray just in case your hair is very frizzy

Tutorials on how to make inverted fishtail headband braid

  1. You need to work on two braids at a time, start by taking a small section of hair from behind the right or left ear and divide it in two halves, tie the rest of back hair behind or clip it using alligator clip.
  2. Now divide two halves into two halves, you will have four hair loops for the braid. Now first make a simple faux braid using three loops and then add one loop from the right side, pull it beneath the braid and add it to the right loop. Now take one hair section from the right side and pull it beneath the braid and add it with the left hair loop, tie it into a stitch.
  3. You will be able to make several stitches by following the same strategy, if you feel that the braid is loosening up you can secure it with pins.
  4. When your first braid is ready you need to secure it in place by bobby pins.
  5. Now work on your second inverted fishtail braid. When you are done.
  6. You need to tuck it by the side of first braid. Secure the both by using a lot of pins but make sure they are visible on hair.
  7. Lay some hair over the braid to create a messy look and to hide the pins you have used in the procedure.
  8. Splash a small amount of spray over hair to fix the braid.

Video Tutorials on how to make inverted fishtail headband braid

Video © Missy Sue

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