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Top 6 eyeliner mistakes you should avoid making

Top 6 eyeliner mistakes you should avoid making

The trickiest part of a makeup is probably Applying Eyeliner. You need a lot of patients and a steady hand to apply perfect eyeliner. When you get succeed to apply perfect eyeliner and when you open your eyes it will give a perfect and beautiful look to whole your face. Therefore, if you want to learn how to apply perfect eyeliner then there are some mistakes that you usually do when you apply it. So you have to know about those mistakes and try to avoid them. Here are the 6 eyeliner mistakes you should avoid making.

  1. Apply eyeliner Unevenly:

The trickiest thing is to make continue lines and smooth that doesn’t look craggy.  Make yourself relax don’t rush to apply it. Don’t pull your eyes at the comers because it will make your eye’s skin crinkle. You can make it easy by point your chin up and look in the mirror down to create perfect and smooth eyeliner. While applying it, make your eye bit close so that you can apply it properly.

  1. No need to lining the entire eye:

It is not necessary to line entire the way around the eye. If you have small eyes and you want to give a natural look to it then only line the outer rim of the upper lash line and keep the upper line of bottom lash nude. If you lining the entire eyes then it will make smaller eyes even smaller. So, it is one of the eyeliner mistakes you should avoid making, if you want a perfect eyeliner.

  1. Avoid blunt eye pencil:

Remember, never use blunt eye pencil while applying eyeliner. It’s never going to work. Therefore, always sharpen your eye pencil before you use it. First of all, start from the top lash line and at the outer corner, make a part of thickest line and smudge the lines gently to overcome the gaps between the eyelashes.

  1. Not all eyeliners are same:

If you think that all eyeliners are the same then you are wrong. Eye pencils are good and easy to apply, when you are in hurry. Whereas, eye gel, need more time and patients. If you apply it in hurry then it can be spoil all your makeup. So, you should properly learn the use of eyeliner at right time and at right way.

  1. Use different shades:

There are many shades and colors of eyeliner are available in the market. So, except brown and black, try to use some different colors. The colored eyeliner can give a beautiful look to your eyes.  Don’t forget to use while eye pencil in the inner corner of the eye and on the lower lid.

  1. Fix eyeliner properly:

One of the eyeliner mistakes you should avoid making is to fix your eyeliner properly. If you want to make it stay for long then you can use makeup premier before and after you finished applying eyeliner.

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