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Top 5 tips for battling dry winter lips

Top 5 tips for battling dry winter lips

The cold dry weather of winter makes your lips flaky, dry and even painful. There are many homemade remedies that will help you to get soft baby lips. Therefore, today we are going to share with you top 5 tips for battling dry winter lips. All the following tips are very effective, useful and easy to do. If you have red glowing lips then it will also make you to look fresh and beautiful. So, it is very important to take care of it by using natural and herbal homemade tips.

1.The use of right lip balm:

If you have rough and dry lips then it may possible that you are already using some sort of lip balm or moisturizer.  But, have you ever point out the ingredients of your current balm? If no, then you are doing a big mistake because there are some harmful ingredient in the balm that make it damage very badly. Therefore, you should be attentive about the chemical and dangerous ingredients. Following are the some main ingredients that you should avoid using it.

  • Phenol
  • Camphor
  • Menthol
  • Eucalyptus

Following are the ingredients that are good for your lips so you must look for balm that contain one of these ingredients in it:

  • Coco butter
  • Beeswax
  • Glycerin
  • Lanoline
  • Ceramides

2.Do exfoliation:

You can get rid of dry and ugly lips by exfoliating them with homemade lip scrub.

Method to make lip scrub:

Take one cup of brown sugar.

  • Add olive oil or coconut oil in it
  • Apply it daily.
  • You can leave it overnight

3.Use Vaseline:

You can use Vaseline. It is very helpful to make lips moisture in winter. You can add few drops of glycerin in it then use it. The combination of glycerin and Vaseline will help you to get rid of dryness around it.


It is very important to stay hydrated even in winter also. So, you should try to drink plenty of water. According to doctors, 8 to 12 glass of water is the basic requirement of our body. Therefore, you should include the use of water as much as you can in your daily routine. It is also very beneficial for the kidney.

5.Use humidifier:

In winter, it is cold outside and the temperature is hot inside the house due to the use of heater. So, to make the air moisture inside the house, it is better to use humidifier instead of getting dry and rough lips. This tool is expensive but really effective to make you free from dry feet, lips, face and hands. So, start using it now and enjoy the cold weather without any skin issues.

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