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Top 5 Little Known Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Top 5 Little Known Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Did you thing that you have all knowledge about beauty hacks. If no, then this article will really help you to know about top 5 little known beauty hacks every girl should know. Why it is important for you to know about beauty hacks? The answer is that it will not only increase your knowledge about fashion but also make you more beautiful and stunning day by day. Therefore, follow the below mention hacks and try it by yourself and feel the positive difference in your beauty. Look beautiful is almost every girl dream; you can make your dream come true with the help of these amazing beauty hacks.

  1. Convert your ordinary shampoo into clarifying shampoo:

Ordinary shampoo is not trustworthy. They can damage your hair. So, let’s go and convert your ordinary shampoo into clarifying shampoo. The method is simple to convert it.


  • Take your ordinary shampoo
  • Add 1 table spoon of baking soda in it.
  • Mix them
  • Your clarifying shampoo is ready to use now.
  1. How to make hair straight without using straightening iron:

One of the amazing beauty hacks every girl should know is that how to get straight hair without straitening irons. Have a look below.

  • Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo.
  • Take a comb and draw your comb through your hair, from the forehead to the crown. Do this step without making your hair dry.
  • Does it as faster as you can and do it until your hair become dry.
  • When your hair becomes dry, you will get straight hair.
  1. Remove mascara from face:

Mostly it is happen that when we apply mascara, an odd drop of mascara is also spread around the eye. In such situation don’t take tissue and try to rub it immediately. Just wait for few seconds, let the mascara be dry and then remove it with fingers. This will not spoil your whole makeup.

  1. Heel shaving legs and neck:

This is one of the beauty hacks that every girl should know because it is very common that when we shave our neck or legs. We get annoying marks that cause bleeding. So, in such case to stop bleeding just use the following tip

  • Take a lip balm
  • Apply it on bleeding areas
  • And don’t cover it with any cloth, let it be get some fresh air
  • Just to it and you will heel it quickly.
  1. Get longer lashes:

If you wish to have long lashes without applying artificial eye lashes then here is a beauty hack that every girl should know to get long eye lashes.

  • First apply mascara
  • Then, take a baby powder and apply it on your eye lashes after the mascara become dry.
  • Now, apply one more coat of mascara after applying baby powder.
  • Here, you have much thicker and longer eyelashes without using artificial eye lashes.

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