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Top 5 foods for good eye health

Top 5 foods for good eye health

To live a healthy and happy life it is mandatory to take care of our each and every part of the body. Mostly, people are so busy in working day and night that they forgot to take care of their eye sight. They become careless, when it is a matter of eye health care. But, this is totally wrong; we should take care of our eye’s health because without a perfect eye sight we are unable to do anything. Therefore, in this article I’m going to share with you top 5 foods for good eye health. If you include these healthy foods in your regular diet then you can get a perfect 6 by 6 eye sight. They are as follow.

  1. Egg yolk:

Egg yolk

Egg yolk is very healthy food for the eye. If you daily eat one egg in a day then you will never face an eye related issues such as weak eye sight or eye infection. Egg carries an excellent source of vitamin B-12, A and D that are really good for eyes.

  1. Dark green vegetables:

Dark green vegetables

Most green leafy vegetables such as spinach contain nutrition and calcium in it and it is very healthy for the eyesight. But remember, don’t ever over cooked your green leafs vegetables because it can lost its nutrition and calcium. Try to eat spinach once or twice a week.

  1. Carrot:


If you increase the use of carrot in your daily diet then you will get improvement in your eyesight. You can eat carrot in raw form or also make a carrot juice.  It is your choice that what form you wants to eat carrot but the main point is to make the use of carrot must in your diet.

  1. Use Almond:

Use Almond

The nuts that are rich with vitamin E are also very good for eye health. You can use almond to improve your eye health. You can dip the almond for whole night in water and then eat it in early morning with empty stomach. This will not only improve your eyes health but also make your brain sharper. Almond is one of the top 5 foods for good eye heath and it really works, must try.

  1. Use blueberries:

Use blueberries

Blueberries are also known as brain- berries because it is really a healthy food of the planet. It contains anthocyanins a powerful antioxidant that can cure and protect our body from many types of infections and diseases. It also protects our eyes from infections and other type of eyes issues.

If you want a perfect eye vision then must try these top 5 foods for good eye heath.  Eyes are a precious gift of god so you should have to take care of it. A timely precaution and save you from many eye’s issues.

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