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Three of the Best over the Counter Creams for Acne

Three of the Best over the Counter Creams for Acne

Are you suffering from breakout these days? Sometime they just disappear but they come back again and again as if they are a curse. Acne is a universal skin problem for both men and women, there is no way you can avoid it unless you have an extra-healthy diet plan and perfect internal system which is not possible in many cases. Don’t fret when a small pustule appears over night, carrying a big amount of pus in it, it’s a sign that you did not cleanse your skin and your oil glands are over active now.

Here are three of the best over the counter creams/gels for acne that will help heal your acne just in case you don’t have time or money to consult a doctor.

Clindamycin cream 1*%

Clindamycin cream

This cream is very effective if applied in the right way. If you have very light acne on cheeks or chin you can use this cream for four weeks. Not only it will heal your acne but also removes scars. Sometimes the scar does not form in the first place when you use clindamycin cream on acne. It’s also available in gel form in different combos for increased efficacy.

Benzoyl Peroxide gel

Benzyl Peroxide gel

This gel is available in different percentage on the market. It’s considered as the most effective treatment for pustule, pus filled nodules and generic acne. To apply this gel, you must wash your skin with a good soap and then pat dry. Now take small amount of gel on finger tip and apply it over the acne head by gradually covering the entire infected area. Your skin might get bit red after applying benzoyl which is a common sign, it happens due to dryness. Don’t freak out. Apply any mild moisturizer to heal the dryness. Keep applying the gel until your acne is gone. This gel is idea for acne but not for marks, you may need to figure out best solutions for scars.

Adapalene gel

Adapalene gel

It is available in both gel and cream forms. It’s a good overnight cream for mild to severe acne, though it works a bit slow but it is very effective when it is used in a long term. The gel should be applied in the dark, in fact all kind of acne creams/gels should be applied during night time because it’s the best time for skin renewal.

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