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The Dutch Fishtail Pony Hairdo for Parties and Occasions

The Dutch Fishtail Pony Hairdo for Parties and Occasions

Image © Missy Sue

Hairstyling is considered to be a part of personal grooming and fashion. The hairstyles mostly depend on the cultural and traditional values of the country. Most of the girls love to decorate their hair with different and creative hair styles as they are very trendy and fashion loving. The hairstyles which are in fashion nowadays are messy bun, simple bun, French twist, French braid, and beehive and fish tail. The hairstyles popular among girls are almost for the girls living either in East or West.

The Dutch Fishtail braid looks very beautiful. This design can be made very easily with almost no efforts to do. You can make it on your own and within no time. Below are few steps that can be taken to make this beautiful braid of Dutch.

So no, these steps will show you how to do a fishtail Dutch braid. Instead of a standard Dutch braid, which normally starts near the hairline, we’re going to start the fishtail French braid a little further back. We’ll start by taking a small section right here in the back, and splitting it into two large sections. We’re going to take a small piece from the outside and cross it over the center. Then take another small piece from the other side and crossing it towards the center, creating an X in the middle.

Things needed:

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Dutch Fishtail Pony Hairdo Step by Step Tutorial:

The Dutch Fishtail Pony Hairdo for Parties and Occasions

Image © Missy Sue

  1. Get a little area close to the part and partition it into two parts for the mesh.
  2. Start Dutch fishtail French interlace by intersection a little piece from the back area, underneath, and including it into the front segment.
  3. Step 2 must be repeated with the front area, crossing a little segment under and including it into the front half.
  4. Keep intersection areas underneath and including them into the inverse side however start joining segments of hair into the strands crossing them under too.
  5.  When all the hair is gotten, complete in a normal fishtail mesh.
  6. Delicately pull on the sides of the plait to relax it and make it bigger.
  7. Compass all the hair up into a braid and tie it off with a flexible band.
  8. Wrap a bit of hair from the pig tail around the hair band and secure it with a clasp.
  9. The braid is now ready. You can make this braid on any dress code. It will look extremely pretty and give you a gorgeous look.

These were some of the unique and quick to make easy hair styles which can help you look perfect and enjoy any event or festival. The hair style is complete now. You can do some addition to it if you like else this is the best choice for all age of ladies and girls.

Dutch Fishtail Pony Hairdo Step by Step Video Tutorial:

Video © Missy Sue

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