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Step by step Guide on how to do easy Nail art for beginners

Step by step Guide on how to do easy Nail art for beginners

I am very much sure that you feel spellbound and surprised when you see beautiful girls showing off their beautiful manicure designs. You must be thinking that these designs are hard to attempt because they have delicacy in patterns as well as designs. The first thing comes in your mind after seeing hard nail art is, they must be done by an expert and they must be expensive because they are simply extraordinary. What if I told you that nail art designs can be created at home by using some manicure products and good nail lacquer shades.

There are many ways to do nail art at home but two common ones are water marbling and nail stamping. The latter technique is very easy to follow because all you need to do is follow the instructions on simple nail art designs for beginners.

Some easy nail art designs for beginners

  • By using nail art kit, you can create almost all these nail art designs;
  • Flowers
  • Spirals
  • Dotted designs
  • Dices
  • Flowers
  • Petals
  • Leaves
  • Random patterns

Things needed for getting unique nail art designs

Tutorials for quick and easy nail art for beginners

  1. First I will mention that there are thousands of nail art designs for beginners to choose from, but the design you will choose should be easy if you are practicing or just starting with your practice.
  2. Take out your nail art kit, it must have three base nail stamping polishes such as red, blue and black. The colors may differ from kit to kit. Arrange the nail art products side by side so that you can use them comfortably . The nail art design disc should be placed in the middle.
  3. Now apply your base coat. Use the white nail base coat as the designs are visible on this one color.
  4. Pick your favorite design from the nail design disc and apply some nail polish on it. Drop only one drop or two depending on the requirement. Now press your nail art stamper on it and blot it for a split second onto tissue paper.
  5. Stamp your nail with it to get the design onto nails.
  6. Let it dry. If a small amount of nail polish is smearing around the nail bed, remove it with the cotton tip.
  7. When your nail design is dry, apply the top coat to seal the design and to improve the finish.
  8. Repeat the process with other nails to make designs onto them.
  9. You may be making a lot of mistakes in the begging, you must keep trying to achieve flawless nail art designs as keep doing is the only secret to getting perfect designs.

Nail Art Designs Samples For Beginners

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