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Some Simple Steps to Get Glossy Hair No need to Buy Expensive Products

Some Simple Steps to Get Glossy

Your hair may loss their shine due to over sun exposure, physical disease, internal issues, and pollution. Weak and fragile hair does not make a good impression. No matter how expensive products you use to repair your hair, it would always look rough, dull and lifeless. To help you and many others like you, I have decided to share some special tips and steps to get glossy hair.

Before I write some tips here are some don’t for you to keep in mind:

  1. Never expose your hair to sun if it is also suffering from dryness, itch or similar issues.
  2. If hair is getting weaker day by day, you need to stop shampooing it because the ingredient in your product may not be suitable to your hair type.
  3. Don’t keep your hair long if it is falling, weak and fragile. Get a nice cut.
  4. Don’t dye any color, it would do a serious harm.

Now you can read and follow these special simple steps to get glossy hair:

Avocado Paste

Avocado Paste for hairs

Mix one gram of avocado with few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Sit in the sunshine and apply it in the roots where the hair is weak or falling. Cover your head and wash after thirty minutes.

You can make a smooth paste of Avocado with one banana and apply it on your hair, let it sit for few minutes before washing off. It will nurture the deep hair roots.

Egg Mixture

Egg Mixture

Whip two eggs constantly and add few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Keep whisking the mixture until the egg is completely blended with the oil. Apply this mixture on your hair and wait for one hour. Wash it with lukewarm water. You don’t need to use conditioner after shampooing hair.

Fatty Mayonnaise

Fatty Mayonnaise for hairs

We all have Mayonnaise available in freezer round the clock. You can apply it on the hair and cover your head with a cap. Let Mayonnaise get absorb in the hair roots. Wash your hair when it is completely absorbed in the hair strands.

Almond Oil and Olive Oil

Almond Oil and Olive Oil

Both would work effectively to heal your hair roots. They will also fight against bacteria lying on your scalp. If dryness has been your issue for a long time, the mixture of these oils will definitely eliminate your problem side by side giving a natural shine to hair.

Apple Cedar Vinegar

Apple Cedar Vinegar for hairs

You needn’t apply apple cedar on hair directly it would be harsh on scalp. Just take a bath as per routine and mix few drops of apple cedar with water in the tub. When you are done with shampooing, use this water mixture to rinse your hair. You will feel that your hair has natural bounce now.

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