By May 4, 2015

Smart Sky Blue Makeup for Night Parties

Smart Sky Blue Makeup for Night Parties

As summer is approaching on our doors we are ready for new makeovers. Sky blue, orange and pastels would be in trend again because all light value colors come back into scene during hot season. For night parties, you will be seeing less black smokey eyes these days because it is already hot. Pick some nice colors for makeup to feel a bit comfortable yourself. Avoid wearing dark colored clothes and makeup.

Today I am sharing a nice tutorial on smart sky blue makeup for night parties. If by chance you have chosen to wear either dark blue or white or sky blue cocktail or maxi outfit for the evening you might want to wear some a hue from the blue color scheme in makeup to stand out in the crowd and here is the tutorial.

Things needed for smart sky blue makeup

Step by step guide on how to do smart blue sky makeup

  1. There are plenty of eye base in white colors for starters just in case your eyes are too dark in nature. If you have dark circles you must apply white base liner on the eyes whenever you intend to use lighter colors. Why white? It’s like you prepare your eyes for the light makeup such as neon colors, all the lighter shades and bronze. Applying any shade on white would turn out to be brighter than its color. If your eyes are dark, there is no chance that the real sky blue would look sky blue because you are trying to merge brown with blue which would make an odd color.
  2. Once your base coat is set in place, you need to make your crease by using bronze and black color.
  3. Then apply your main color coat which is sky blue. Blend it with blue violet color.
  4. Apply the dark blue violet on the lower lid.
  5. Now apply black eye liner to shape up the eye. The black will contour your original shape or help create a smokey eye effect.
  6. Wear your faux lashes and then apply Motives glitter as eyeliner above the black liner.
  7. Use either ¾ brush or a sky pencil to fill the waterline.
  8. You are done.

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