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Simple and Natural Tips to Get Silky Hair

Simple and Natural Tips to Get Silky Hair

If your hair is dull, brittle and weak, you need to do something immediately to heal it. The daily bath sometimes results in excessive dryness on the scalp so if you are already suffering from dryness or scaliness you must avoid taking bath, instead go for the moisturizer therapy which is called deep rooted oil treatment.

Weather can impede the natural production of oil glands in the scalp and less intake of water may develop circulation issue in the area, you must try to take juices and nutrients during winter weather to keep your hair silky and glossy.

Here are some simple and natural tips to get silky hair:

  1. Increase fish in your diet along with Omega 3 oils and supplements. They will nourish your skin by stopping pre mature aging besides they will help you get silky hair.
  2. Prepare a hair mask by adding one egg into one bowl of curd and blend it well. I usually use whisker to mix both well in a good paste like texture. Apply this paste as a mask onto your hair for three to four hours or minimum two hours to provide food to the hair.
  3. The protein diet can also improve the texture and condition of hair provided that your protein is from natural products such as milk, curd and cheese, anything artificial may help build up the body or provide some nutritional value but it may not work for your hair.
  4. The oil therapy is necessary to provide moisturizer to all layers of the hair. If you inspect a hair root under microscope you will see it is built with protein and has so many layers which are weaved in one another to make one completely strand. When you stop taking care of your hair, the dryness appears on the surface and the hair starts to fall more rapidly than ever, for this condition you will need to apply coconut oil and olive oil.
  5. If there seems to be some patches of baldness in the hair it might be due to additional hair fall, for you must apply a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil. The paste will help in the production of new hair besides tackling the underlying causes of rough and dry hair.
  6. Last but not the least, you need to opt for heated oil therapy which includes heating up any oil such as of lavender and cactus on the stove for two seconds and applying it in the roots and right on the split ends, this therapy will be effective if you keep your hair covered with a sheer cotton scarf for the rest of the time the oil sits in your hair.

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