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Purple Nail Art Design with White Beats

purple nail art

Different shades of purple color are quite in Fashion these days. Girls and women of all ages love to wear different shades of purple. Therefore, as according to the choice of our viewers we have selected a purple color nail art design this time. This design is very elegant and can be worn be any women of any age. The design is very simple though and doesn’t require many efforts to be made on. You don’t need to be an expert of nail art designing specifically for this design. You can make it on your own with a little effort. This combination of light and dark purple along with black spots looks awesome when worn.

The things you need to have for this design are.

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  • Light and dark purple nail color.
  • Sponge
  • Thinner
  • Plastic sheet (cut in slant)
  • Black nail color
  • Zero size nail color brush.

Start your designing by putting the base coat of light purple color. After applying it neatly on all the fingers and thumbs, let it dry for a couple of minutes. After that, put the plastic sheet on your nail. It will cover half of your nail in slant. Put the darker shade of purple color on half of your nail. Repeat the procedure for all the nails and thumb. Before the nail polish gets dry, use the sponge to make some pattern on half of the nail. It will leave a kind of square boxes on your nail as shown in the picture. After doing so, let it dry for a couple of minutes.

After that, utilize the zero size brush and the black nail polish to make black spots on your nail. As they get dry, separate the light and dark shade with beads of silver color. Your design is ready. Remove the extra stuff off your nail with the help of thinner. This will look extremely elegant and will give your hands a fine and pretty look.

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