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Neutral Bronze Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Guide

Neutral Bronze Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Guide

Summer days are hot, it’s better to avoid dark makeup and opt for lighter makeovers. The warmer makeup can go well with the weather easily- use nice colors such as pastels, bronze, oranges, yellows, and cool browns.

All makeup artists believe that women should not wear too much of glitter on the eyes because it gives a warmer impression, but there is an exception, all you need to do is choose the shade that is built with glitter product in the color. You will find plenty of such shades on the market.

I am sharing a nice natural bronze makeup tutorial that you would like to try yourself because it’s really worth trying.

Things Needed:

  • All Products available on
  • Base coat or primer it should be of lighter color
  • Kit with all the bronze shade
  • Black eye liner
  • Mascara or faux lashes
  • Round brush and 1/3 flat brush for highlighting crease

Neutral Bronze Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

Neutral Bronze Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Prepare your eyes by cleansing and massaging to get rid of dryness patches.
  2. Use light creamy prime shade as a base coat onto the eyes and make sure to blend it. It can be in a powder texture if you have very oily skin or when you want to attend a beach party.
  3. Now use your angle brush to outline the crease and blend the crease very well with the light brown shade.
  4. Now use two glittery bronze shades onto the eye lids and keep merging it with the highlight until you get a smooth texture in it.
  5. When choosing the bronze shade, opt for one that has a neutral brown effect because it looks wonderful in the day time.
  6. Now draw a thin line on the upper lid, if you are not adept in applying the liner, make a very thin line and keep applying on it until you get a perfect line.
  7. Use one light dark shade in grey or black to create a nice smokey effect onto the eyes corner.
  8. Now use light black shade from the kit and use your liner brush to apply it onto the lower eye lid.
  9. Apply the mascara, curling the eyes lashes upward to give a boost to the makeup. You are done.

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