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Natural Remedies to Get Naturally Long Lashes

Natural Remedies to Get Naturally Long Lashes

It’s your duty to take care of your naturally lashes or else they will lose their moisture, beauty and length. We all are born with natural lashes that have certain length determined or written by our genetic code, we cannot alter the code because we can’t do anything against nature. But we can definitely make our lashes beautiful by using some home remedies. Just in case you used to have long lashes long ago but they fell of due to some physical sickness you can definitely retrieve the same length lashes again by using some essential oils.

Here are some basic tips on how to take care of your lashes:

  1. Sleep well always. You should not expect to have beautiful lashes if you sleep late at night and walk out of home by brushing your hair without applying anything on your eyes which are swollen. These eyes will lose their beauty further if you keep working hard in the morning and sleeping less at night.
  2. Water is a magical liquid our earth has. If body contains 70% water it definitely means that our organs are working like a machine that runs on water, fuel your body with more water to keep everything healthy and fully-functional. Good water intake would keep your eyes and lashes healthy and beautiful.
  3. Stop taking caffeine products such as tea and coffee; instead focus on taking fresh juices.


Home remedies to get naturally long lashes

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a kind of magical beauty product that anyone can get at a fairly low price from the market. The oil can do wonder with your skin, eye lashes and hair if you just use it in the right way. Don’t over use the oil at all, it will not do any good at all, the only way to get some results is using it constantly.

Take one drop of castor oil in palm of your hand, dip your middle finger in it and apply it over your lashes by curling the hair outside. Once it’s onto your lashes, close your eyes until it is fully absorbed in the lashes. If you have applied a bit extra, dab the extra amount by using a tissue paper.

Lavender plus Coconut oil

Lavender plus Coconut oil

Mix two drops of lavender oil with one and half drops of coconut oil. Now apply this combined oil mixture on both lower and upper eye lid as well as on the eye lashes. Let it sit on eyes, it won’t do any harm.

The Brushing Technique

Use small comb and brush your lashes to dust off dust particles and dryness (that usually travels to this area from skin or environment). If you have a flaky skin you must keep your skin moisturized as well as your lashes.


Use olive oil to massage your eyes; it will improve blood circulation in your eyes and in lashes. The circulation will help grow hair on the lids.

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