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How to Whiten Dark Underarms Using Organic Ingredients

How to Whiten Dark Underarms Using Organic Ingredients

A lot of women completely ignore their underarms and let them get darker in color. If you think you are not one of these women you need to stand in front of mirror and look at the skin of underarm, what do you feel? Is this skin matching the rest of your body? The answer is ‘probably not.’ It’s not your fault by the way; it is a kind of side-effect of using chemical laden depilatories and ordinary shaving machines. They are considered very comfortable when it comes to removing hair on pubic area and underarms but they leave our skin dark and rough.

Fortunately there are some very effective ways through which we can whiten dark underarms without any ado. Mind that organic home remedies might take some times to show some results but they really do wonder if you have faith.

Here are some best ways on how to whiten dark underarms using organic ingredients

Lemon is blessing

Lemon is blessing

Lemon can treat a lot of skin problems besides it works as a bleaching agent for dark body parts. As it is very acidic and strong it should be mixed with oil or other ingredients , however for underarms it can be used in a raw form.

Cut one lemon in two slices, save one and take another to the bathroom. Now stand in front of mirror and rub this slice onto underarms directly. If your skin is sensitive you can perform a patch test first, for you rub it on a small area to see how it affects.

Alternatively you can mix lemon juice with honey and apply this mixture onto underarms. Leave it for 40 minutes and wash off. You will notice that skin on underarms has changed in color drastically.

Cucumber roundels

Cucumber roundels

One way is cutting cucumber roundels and rubbing them onto underarms directly. Keep rubbing until you feel that enough solution has been stick to the skin. Leave it for 15 minutes.

Second way is mixing cucumber juice with three drops of lemon and applies it onto the dark underarms for 30 minutes and washing off with lukewarm water. The bleaching agents will bring nice results.

Potatoes are Handy, too

Cut one potato into two slices. Rub one slice onto one underarm and another on the second underarm.

If you have a hard time using potato slices you can make a juice of it with water and apply it onto underarms using cotton ball.

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