By October 19, 2015

How to use Epsom salt to remove dry skin from feet

How to use Epsom salt to remove dry skin from feet

It is common to get rough dry heels, especially in winters. Cracked, dry feet create irritation and it also look ugly as well. The cause of cracked heels is depending on many reasons. It may be occur due to using poor quality of soap, standing for long hour, winters, and heavy weight, etc. it doesn’t matter what the cause of damage and dry skin feet but the solution is only one to cure it i.e. Epsom salt. Yes, it is very useful to cure dry skin under the feet. Mostly people ignore their feet they don’t care how their feet are looking. They just focus on their face beauty. But the care of feet is also necessary because it is also a very important part of the body. So, don’t ignore it and try to follow this tutorial to make your feet soft and beautiful. The dry skin under the feet is sometime so painful that it may cause difficulty for you to walk with them. So it is better to take care of your feet now. Beside careless people, there are many people also who really cares for its feet and also spend money in beauty salons to make their feet soft and beautiful. But if you follow this tutorial at home then you can save your money also. Here in this article we will guide you that how to use Epsom salt to remove dry skin from feet easily at home.

Things you need to cure dry skin of feet using Epsom salt:

  • Take 3tabble spoon of Epsom salt
  • A small tub, in which you can deep your feet easily
  • Water

Step to learn how to use Epsom salt to remove dry skin from feet:

  • Take a bath tub and full it half with warm water.
  • Now add 3 table spoon of Epsom salt in it.
  • Put your feet in the tub that full with salty warm water for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After soaking your feet with salty water, use towel to make it dry.
  • Now take a pumice stone and rub your feet until the hard and rough skin gone properly.
  • Take a towel and clean jelly to make your feet more soft end the end.

Hope, you will understand the whole method properly. Try this tutorial at home to get ride from dry skin of feet easily and quickly. Make a routine to use Epsom salt to get rid of dry skin of feet once or twice a week. In winters, the chances of cracked heels are high so use it and wash your feet with it and see positive results within a week. It is easy and quick way to cure cracked heel immediately.

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