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How to use Almond Oil to Remove Makeup?

How to use Almond Oil to Remove Makeup?

It’s not a surprise to know that women are spending millions of dollars in the purchase of skin cleansing and toning products because they believe that this regime can transform the skin from dull to soft to beautiful. It’s true that daily cleansing and scrubbing can improve your skin as dead cells are shed on daily basis in the daily process but just imagine how reversed would the impact be if products had more chemicals than that of organic components to nurture your skin? Instead of getting any better, your facial skin is like a leather sole or even worse that feels coarse and saggy. Therefore it’s necessary that you choose your products with caution and care, it’s about your facial skin which makes an important part of your body.

Marketing Lies

Though all of us flip the product in order to review the list of ingredients which are used in the making of the cleanser but we never truly know if the company is truthful or whether the ingredients mentioned are used or not. To sell their items like hot cakes, false marketing techniques are implied and nobody can actually tell for sure if the product contains what it displays on the back.

Be Safe and Be Organic

Why put your skin at risk by using expensive yet harsh chemical driven cleanser and toner? Maybe they are doing some good but they do have some bad impact on the skin later or soon, you never know when. It’s better to be organic to protect the skin- the more natural you are the better you will look- this is just one simple formula for looking better all the time. Haven’t you asked your grandmother for hers secret for smooth skin? She might be glad to tell you that she achieved such flawless skin texture by using petroleum gel or daily homemade milk cleanser.

Luckily there are some other ways to remove makeup from your skin which are given below:

  • Rose water
  • Milk with rose water
  • Almond oil (recommended)

How to use almond oil to remove makeup?

If you have just come back from the party your face should have thick layers of base on it. Now you want to remove it all by using a cleanser, but just think will it work positively, maybe yes or no, it depends, right? How about using almond oil to do it ? There is no risk involved; also you will get some extra moisturizer on the skin naturally. Women of old times did not have cleanser to cleanse their skin at night so here are some century-old yet effective oil cleansing techniques you can imply on your skin.

Virgin Olive Oil and Almond Oil

Make a ratio for mixing by studying your skin. You may want to add more olive oil if you have got a dry skin and so on.

For normal application, mix three table spoons of virgin olive oil with the almond. Mix well and then apply the mixture on face, massage for few minutes and wash off.

Lavender Oil and Almond oil

If you have some skin infection you can add lavender to the mixture of almond oil. Perform a smooth massage for few minutes. Now dip a towel in a luke warm water, put it on over the face, and let it absorb the extra oil.

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