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How to Treat Post Acne Marks on Oily Skin

How to Treat Post Acne Marks on Oily Skin

Regardless of weather and region, oil producing glands become overactive in one particular month of the year on oily skin, resulting in zits and pimples. The skin with too much oil is difficult to treat sometimes as long as the acne keeps attacking on some areas such as chins and cheeks. Sometimes it only erupts on back or chest area, making itself a less stressful condition; somehow the treatment is always necessary because the inflammation always follows an infection like acne vulgaris.

Post acne marks are not very deep scars like box scars or indents so they can be treated very easily at home by using a combination of organic and inorganic aka medicated products. There are always some over the counter creams that can be used to lighten the marks but the best way to heal them is by using proven ingredients that have more power than the processed lotions.

Here are some tips on how to treat post acne marks on oily skin

Wash Face Regularly:

Wash Face Regularly

When skin makes more oil the more pimples pop up. To prevent acne from occupying your face you need to wash your face as much as you can, the ideal number is five. If you feel that the skin is getting oily after washing the face, you might want to use a good acne wash by Neutrogena company because it is offering quite a big number of wash for oily skin. You already have marks to treat, there should not be more acne on face or else you won’t be able to treat one condition with ease.

Apple Cedar:

Buy one bottle of apple cedar solution because it acts like a nice astringent, it can ward off bacteria that is being produced by excessive oil in the skin. Use one cotton ball and dip it in two drops of apple cedar and apply it all over the skin to minimize the infection. Now cleanse your face again or wash it.

Aloe Vera:


The best solution for post acne marks is aloe vera it can penetrate in deep skin layers, healing all the burn marks and pigmentation. The marks are generally red or brown in color, you can heal them by using herbal extract such as chamomile and aloe vera. It will also improve your skin complexion to some extent

Jojoba Oil:

The jojoba oil can be used in small quantity for oily skin, you may need only one or two drops for healing the acne scar. Just rub it over the marks once a day and let it reach deep down in the marks. You can wash your face later after twenty or thirty minutes.


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