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How to Treat Dry Skin Step by Step Home Remedies

Treat Dry Skin

If you have overly dry and flaky skin it means that you are not taking good amount of water daily. Our body needs plenty of water to perform well; therefore it is necessary that you increase your water intake as when you notice that your body is suffering from dehydration. The dehydration may appear in different forms, your mouth may feel dry a lot and your body may feel hotter than usual. Chapped lips and dry skins are also two very common symptoms of dehydrated body, so when you notice anything like this you must check with your water intake first. Take at least 12 glasses of water a day.

There are a lot of dry skin home remedies for face that will work only if you also focus on your good diet and daily workout. Also, you need to protect your skin from weather effects if you tend to have scaly skin. When there is less production of oil from the oil producing glands , the condition oftentimes leads to scaliness over the skin, in worst cases the uppermost layer seems to be shedding itself. To avoid serious condition like this, you must learn how to treat dry skin naturally without using medications.

Things needed:

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  • Essential oils preferably olive oil, cater oil and lavender oil
  • Banana and milk
  • Natural honey
  • Organic green clay powder
  • Lime juice and orange juice
  • Vitamin E tablets
  • Aloe Vera Gel

Step by Step guide on how to treat dry skin naturally:

Step by Step guide on how to treat dry skin naturally

  1. Increase water intake from few glasses to several glasses. If you are taking six glasses now, take 8 or 12 to improve the oil production. The oil gland would work wonderfully if you feed them with more water. The toxins would release easily through sweat or skin oil.
  2. Use essential oil every day when you notice patches of dryness on the skin. Use either lavender oil or olive oil for massage at night after washing the skin with luke warm water.
  3. Do dry skin home remedies on alternate days. Take some green clay powder and make a paste with one spoon of honey. Apply it on the skin for fitness minutes. Let it dry. Wash your face with luke warm water.
  4. Apply rip banana over the entire face once in a week when your skin feels over dry
  5. Mash some avocado with the lime juice and apply the paste on the face for twenty minutes. Wash your face when the paste is dry.
  6. Take one egg yolk mix it with one spoon of olive oil and one spoon of lemon juice, use it on face for ten minutes and take it off when it dries.

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Step by Step Video Tutorial on how to treat dry skin naturally:

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