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How to make your face look thinner

How to make your face look thinner

We can say that makeup is a kind of magic that can totally change your looks. If you ever seen the images of celebrities with and without makeup then you will realize that how much makeup will change your face appearance. By doing little bit of contouring and many other tricks, you can make your face thinner or slimmer. In this article, we will share with you some tricks that how to make your face look thinner. They are as follow.

Do face contouring:

How to Contour your Face for a glamorous makeover

Face contouring is really an important tip to make your face look thinner. It may be possible that when you try contouring for the first time, you will feel it hard but as you start practicing and learn its basic techniques then you will realize that it is so easy to do.

Make our eyebrows thick:

If you want to make your face look thinner then shaped your eyebrows thick. Yes. It is really works. If you have thin eyebrows then use eye pencil to make it thick and more prominent. If you want your face to look slim then you have to make your features more prominent.

Focus on your eye makeup:

When you make your eye to look bigger then it will make your face slim.  You can apply dark eye shadows shades, apply mascara or use artificial eye lashes to make your eye look bigger.

Use shimmer to highlight your bone structure:

You can use shimmer and highlight your bone structure to make your face look thinner. When you apply a little bit of shimmer powder along with the lines of your cheek bones then it will help to get a thinner face.

Use highlighter to draw an attention to the centre of your face:

It is very easy and quick tip to make face slimmer is that use highlighter from down to the centre of your face. Start from the point between your eyebrows and then work your way down, above the bridge of your nose, over your top tip and down to the centre of the chin. This amazing tip will take attention away from your cheeks to your centre of the face.

Use bronzer to make your chin thin:

One more amazing tip to make your face look thinner is that by making your chin thin. You can do so by using bronzer. Take a bronzer and apply it on your jaw line.  You should be sparing when you apply bronzer. Blend bronzer well in it. You can end up with the stripes of noticeable on your face.

Use contour powder to make your nose thin:

If you want to make your nose thin then you need a contour powder that is darker than your nose skin ton. Apply it down the side of your nose and just from the top before the nostrils. Now, apply highlighter just down the centre of your nose that will make your nose thin and give an impression of thin face as well.

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