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How To Make Woven Ponytail Hairstyle

How To Make Woven Ponytail Hairstyle

Image © Missy Sue

When we are fad up of hairs coming on face then the ponytail is the style that we prefer to made the most. So we are presenting the most beautiful ponytail hairstyle that you can make it easily and enjoy the summers. Woven ponytail is beautiful thick braid ponytail hairstyle. A simple ponytail cannot be made if you are going in some formal functions but woven ponytail is the hairstyle that goes on with any functions. It look awesome in straight hairs.  So try this amazing tutorial and enjoy your woven ponytail hairstyle.

Things you need to make woven ponytail hairstyle:

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  2. Some Barbie Pins
  3. Comb
  4. Hair Elastic

Steps Tutorial To make Woven Ponytail Hairstyle:

  1. Tie off the right side so its off the beaten path to take a shot at the left side first.
  2. Take a 3″ area of hair, alongside the part, and partition it into three pieces for a waterfall mesh.
  3. Traverse the center, each one in turn, beginning with the back strand.
  4. Next, traverse the center and get a segment of hair, joining it into the crossed strand.
  5. Drop down the front strand and get an area of hair from specifically underneath it, traverse the center segment as a substitution piece.
  6. Rehash steps 5 and 6 until the interlace achieves the part at the back of the head.
  7. Plait whatever remains of the hair down into a customary mesh, tie it off with a versatile, and pin it off the beaten path.
  8. Next, get an area of hair, close to the face, underneath the waterfall twist, and gap it into three pieces with the first waterfall strand as one piece.
  9. Traverse the center then traverse the center.
  10. Traverse the center again and consolidate the following waterfall strand to make a french twist.
  11. Traverse the center and acquire a segment of hair like you would for a customary french interlace.
  12. Keep twisting the hair until it achieves the back, center part once more, keeping the twists near one another so it makes a woven impact.
  13. When it achieves the part, twist the hair down into a general plait and tie it off with an unmistakable versatile band comparatively to the first mesh.
  14. Presently let down the hair on the right side and rehash steps 3 through 14 with the hair on that side.
  15. At the point when all the hair is twisted, wrap everything up into a pig tail and haul out the minimal versatile groups from the individual interlaces.
  16. Tenderly draw on the edges of the considerable number of plaits so they seem thicker and more joined.
  17. Take a bit of hair from underneath the pig tail, wrap it around the hair band, and secure it underneath the braid with a fastener.
  18. Snatch a hair curler and twist the finishes of the pig tail.
  19. At that point complete with hairspray to hold everything set up.

Steps Video Tutorial To make Woven Ponytail Hairstyle:

Video © Missy Sue
Tip: You Can use stars or some other girly pins to put it on your right side braid. To give a glamorous look.

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