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How to Make Waxing Less Painful

How to Make Waxing Less Painful

No doubt, waxing is a painful method to get rid of unwanted hair from face, legs and arms. There are many hair removal creams are available in the market that are less painful than waxing but they also contain many disadvantages such as they can make your arms darker and rough. Therefore, waxing is more appropriate way to remove unwanted hair. But the question arise that how to make waxing less painful?  You will found the answer in this article and I’m sure when you try this amazing tips then you will feel less pain during waxing.

Use pain killer:

Yes, if you take one pain killer just one hour before the waxing then you will feel less pain. Remember, don’t take pain killer after waxing, if you do so then it will be useless. So take it before you go for waxing.

Skin coffee on the morning of a wax:

The day you are planning to go salon for waxing. You should have to skip your wake up coffee at that morning because coffee stimulates the ends of nerve. Due to which you can feel waxing more painful. So to make waxing less painful it is important to skip coffee on the morning of a wax.

Go for waxing right after your period:

When you have periods, your body becomes more sensitive towards pain. Therefore, avoid waxing before or during your period’s days. You can go for waxing right after your period. This tip will help you to make waxing less painful.

Have a bath with warm water:

Before you go for waxing, take a hot, steamed warm water bath. It will make your body less sensitive and you will feel less pain at a time of waxing.

Apply cold lotion:

Take your lotion and keep it in refrigerator at night before the day, you will go for waxing. When you come back from salon after waxing then take out your cold lotion and apply on areas that were go through from waxing. This will help you to moisturize your skin and also provide you relief from pain.

Exfoliate your skin:

If you exfoliate your skin before you go for waxing is really an amazing way to reduce pain.  The more painful areas during waxing is under arms and bikini area so, apply some lotion on that area to save them from pain.

Divert your mind:

Mostly girls can’t take off their mind out of the waxing. When they are going through this procedure, they continuously keep their eyes on it. This is the reason, why they feel waxing more painful. If you try to divert your mind in somewhere else like you can read magazine at a time of leg’s waxing or any other thing that make your mind out off it.

This is some tips that will help you to make waxing less painful. Therefore, try them and stay connected with our website for more tips and tutorials.

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