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How to make Waterfall bun step by step tutorial

How to make Waterfall bun step by step tutorial

Are you searching for some elegantly beautiful hair style for a date night? Or looking for a simple but sophisticated hair style to style you? I would suggest you a waterfall braided bun. Waterfall bun is the decent of all other hair styles exists in the fashion field. I usually put on this hairdo whenever I have to attend a marriage ceremony or something like dating and in love with it. Even you can add up this style in your casual parties as well, just put it with a little messy touch and you are ready to go.

So here I am with a simple tutorial of waterfall braided bun by which you will be able to style your hair by yourself.

Waterfall bun step by step video tutorial:

Things you need:

-Hair brush: to release every single knot of your hair

Rubber elastics: to secure endings of braids

-Pins: to secure hair style

-Small brush: to backcomb your hair

-Hair spray: to cover up your hairstyle

Ways to draw an elegant waterfall braided bun:

Follow the given steps to reach your destination.

1- Make two portion:
Make two portions of your hair starting from the right hand side. Try to make a diagonal angel from the upper right of the head towards the lower left while making two portions. This is because when you start to make braid, you will find that interestingly impressive when your braid goes with a diagonal look.

2- Make more portions:
In order to make a braid, you need to make further 3 portions starting from the first right portion of your hair. These three portions will help you to make a waterfall braid but you need to grip tightly your braid. Otherwise it would become loose.

3- Step for a pony tail:
After making the full braid with larger sections from upper right towards the lower left, make a pony tail with the left over hair. Make your sure pony tail also heads towards the lower left so that your braid will not be loosen because of this. Another thing is important to note here when you want a loose hair do with waterfall bun, leave the braid loose while making a pony tail.

4- Hair pins will be helpful:
Hair pins are necessary accessories in case of hair styling. So secure your braid with hair pins especially the first few waterfalls that are too short to reach the pony tail. Furthermore if you have a very thin and silky hair texture, hair sprays can work better on it. So don’t forget to spray all over the waterfall.

5- For making a bun:
To draw a bun, it is important to have lengthy hair. But if you have short hair then simple make a pony tail and give it a bun type look. However in long hairs, bun would be easy to make. Just simply braid your pony tail too and round it to make a bun.

6- For messy look:
In case you are desired to make a loose and messy waterfall bun, scratch few hair strands out of the braids or backcomb your pony tail.

I guess there is no need to think before getting you merge in this hairdo. Don’t you think it is best and easy to make by the given tutorial?

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