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How to make water marble nail art at home

How to make water marble nail art at home

If you want long shiny nails then it is important to take proper care for it. They also like to apply different nail colors on it. Nowadays, creating beautiful patters on it is in fashion. Mostly girls spend a lot of money in beauty salons to get a perfect nail art but now you can make it yourself at home because today, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite and easiest trick for how to make water marble nail art at home. You just need to concentrate in every step to create it perfectly.

You need following things to make water marble nail art at home:

  • Magenta, pink and white nail polish color
  • Top coat
  • Scissor
  • Base coat
  • Nail polish remover
  • Tissue
  • Tooth picks
  • Sticky tape
  • One container full of water
  • Cotton swaps.

Step by step tutorial to make water marble nail art at home:

  1. First of all, take a container full of water. Now, start dropping three colors into the water one by one. First load brush with white nail color then in the center of water in the container drip one drop of it. It will spread and create a layer. Now, do same with the next two nail colors also.
  2. When you done with all three colors then use then again to create at least six colors.
  3. Now, you have to create another three circles with the same three colors.
  4. With the help of tooth pick start creating pattern. You need to stir water in the container only. Therefore, you get a clear round circle in the water. Now, again use toothpick and create a floral pattern. To create it you need to start from the most outer circle and make your tooth pick drag towards the center of the circle.
  5. Keep on dragging with the tooth pick until you get a floral pattern of at least 6 circles.
  6. Now, create a small floral pattern with the help of tooth pick again on most inner circle of the water.
  7. To make the pattern look more fabulous, you can divide any of the five petals into further petals with the help of tooth pick.
  8. Now, apply basecoat on your nail and wrap tape around your nail. Remember, don’t stick tape in your nail otherwise you will not get a clear pattern.
  9. Now, dip your finger into the water and pattern will stick on your nail.
  10. Remove the tape and let your vanish be dry properly.
  11. Repeat the step 9 and 10 on all nails and you will get water marble nail art.

Hopefully, you enjoy this amazing tutorial. Nail is also very important part of our body so; you should go for one for manicure to make the nails stained whiten once or twice a month. If you want to learn more nail art tutorial then stay connected with us.

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