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How to Make The French Twist Step by Step Guide

How to Make Beautiful French Twist Step by Step Guide

Have you ever seen Jessica Simpson wearing her sleek French twist? A small golden or silver hair charm with beads, set by the side of a twist looks wonderful all on hair types. All you need to do is pull off the hairstyle and step out in order to look gorgeous, attractive and beautiful.

All sober women wear French twists during evening and night parties because the twists can be adorned with glittery hair accents that further boost the beauty of hair. Women with black hair can make the most of twist during night events. Furthermore, hair gel glitter can be applied on the twist to enhance its glam factor.

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Tutorials on how to make French Twists at home

Beautiful French Twist

  1. First part your hair either from the side or center. The perfect hair partition can help oomph the beauty of the twist.
  2. Apply hair serum to smooth-en the hair. Remove all tingles.
  3. Now brush the hair again and hold it in hand.
  4. Pull all the hair on one side and secure the hair with bobby pins.
  5. Now take the rest of hair in your hands and fold it to make a twist.
  6. Secure the twist with pins.
  7. Use hair spray to set the twist just in case you have silky hair.
  8. Apply some hair gel glitter over the hair to make the twist more beautiful.
  9. Use one hair accent that has shine and stones to beautify the twist further.
  10. Use rat tail brush to set the hair if any is coming out of the twist. Make sure to use plenty of bobby pins to secure the twist as a little mishandling can cause a big mess up. Always fold the twist in the right way because sometimes the hair is not completely pinned up, it comes out of twist later, messing up the entire twist.

Video Tutorials on how to make French Twists at home

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