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How to make Side swept Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle

How to make Side swept Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle

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Are you fade up with all that boring hairstyles like regular braid ponytail etc and want to try something new and different that suits you and makes you look more beautiful and stunning then try this side swept Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle. Yes, the hairstyle that I’m going to share with you is unique and looks pretty on you. So, must try by following the tutorial that how to make side swept Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle in easy and simple steps. This style is quick and easy to make. So, you don’t need any beautician for it, you can make it at home by yourself easily by understanding the tutorial properly.

Things you need to make a side swept Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle:

Method/steps to learn how to make side swept Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle:

  • Take a hair brush and brush your hair properly. If you have curls hair then first make it straight so that you can create a side swept Dutch braid ponytail style neatly and clearly. After making the hairstyle, you can curl your hair from the end.
  • Now pick up one large hair section from the right side and two smaller sections of hair from the left side just directly behind it one slightly from the right and one slightly from the left.
  • Now make a thick Dutch braid by crossing the two strands underneath the middle section.
  • As the braid trails diagonally downward from the back of the head close to the left side of neck nape. So, incorporated it in small sections of hair.
  • Now, when braid touches the neck, take remaining hair and enfold it around the braid.
  • Now, take an elastic band and tie up all hair including wrap hair also.
  • It is optional, you can use curling iron and create a loose curl at the end of the ponytail or keep it straight that’s totally up to you.
  • Now, use hairspray, to make your side swept Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle stay for long period of time.

Hope, you understand the complete steps to make it. Try it at home to give yourself a new and different look. This hairstyle is easy to make and also easy to carry. It is mostly use on cut young and smart girls with straight hair. So, if you have cute personality then must try this hairstyle and make yourself more cute and adorable. Sometimes it is very important to try something new to make yourself feel happy and beautiful. In any case, if you feel difficulty to understand any step then you can also see picture to clear your confusion. If you failed to create this hairstyle for the first time then try it again and soon you will get clear all steps and succeed to make it.

how to make side swept Dutch braid ponytail Video tutorial

Video © – Missy Sue

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