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How to Make Rock Twist Pinwheel Bun Step by Step Tutorial

How to Make Rock Twist Pinwheel Bun Step by Step Tutorial


Young girls should not wear heavy topknots all the time when there is an important party to attend. It’s good to hang out with friends to night parties, it’s easy to pick on some cocktail dresses that have sequence and glow, which are needed for the night events but the tricky part is choosing the right hairstyle. The wavy styles are so common that people are getting bore of them so rapidly, they pay attention to only those hairstyles in which manual crafting skills are used, such as weaved braid and twisted rope buns. Such braids would make you different in eye of others for two reasons; exquisiteness and sleekness.

Things needed for rock twist pinwheel bun

Tutorials on how to make a rope twist pin-wheel bun

How to Make Rock Twist Pinwheel Bun! Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Begin by making a high ponytail by tying your hair together through one strong band. Use rubber band for a tight ponytail.
  2. The second step is using the hair bun maker and securing it into hair.   Fix it on the hair, right on the hair you tied and now pull your hair through the bun maker. You need to slide all the hair down to the base of nape.
  3. Your hair will be set free now, it will fall over the bun maker in a random manner.
  4. You need to make your braid at one side of the bun, the side should be decided first. The top twists must begin from right or left.
  5. Now take one small hair sections and divide it further it in two hair loops.
  6. You need to twist both strands in the same direction a few times until you get a rope braid. It will have a twist, keep twisting until all the hair is tied in twist braid.
  7. Now need to wrap the twist around the bun, for you need to pull fingers from the back of the bun maker and grab the twist you created.
  8. Now untwist any ends of the braid if it is still twisted. Make sure to pass the entire twist through the middle of the bun maker.
  9. Now you need to repeat the twist again, for you need to separate a small hair section, divide it in two hair strands and make a twist by adding newly added hair.
  10. Now repeat the process and steps.
  11. When you reach the last twist, pull it through the bun maker and now twist it all the way down. You will get a few strands here and there, you need to tie them and pull them under the bun maker. It’s easy to wrap these strands. Now secure the braid with a ponytail holder and use a couple of pins to adjust the fitting.
  12. If there are any layers or hair strands left outside the braid, you can tuck it underneath the twist using the pin. Make sure all the twists are spreading neatly around the bun maker.
  13. Use a nice hair spray and wax to fix the braid in its place.
  14. If going to the party, wear an accent or accessory on it.

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