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How To Make Refreshing Mango Drink For Summer

How To Make Refreshing Mango Drink For Summer

Are you fade up with this hot summer and want something refreshing and something that is also good for your health as well as skin. And make you feel fresh and active. Then you should try Mango Refreshing drink. As you know that Mango is a king of all fruits. Majority of people love mango. No doubt that there is variety of juices, shakes and drinks but the Mango drink, is different from all type of drinks and juices. Mango has special re-hydration quality that makes you feel more fresh and energetic. Mango also contain Vitamin C and D. To control high blood pressure Vitamin C is very helpful. And Vitamin C helps you to provide growing and sinning skin. To get healthy body, You should try to include mango drink in your daily routine diet. So, if you want to make yourself feel better in summer and wants to feel healthy then, you should try Refreshing Mango Drink. Following are the steps that, you have to follow in order to make Mango drink.

Things You Need To Make Refreshing Mango Drink For Summer:

  1. 2piece Of Fresh Mangoes
  2. Take some Jaggery
  3. Some Roasted Cumin Seeds
  4. Take some mint Leaves
  5. 1tea spoon Black Salt
  6. Take a knife
  7. Take a spoon
  8. Take measuring spoons and cups
  9. Take a blender
  10. To store take a bottle or container.

Steps Tutorial , How to make Refreshing Mango Drink:

  1. Peel The Skin Of Mangoes: First of all, you have to Peel the skin of mangoes. You should be carefully peeled, so that no single skin left on it.
  2. Remove seeds: Now in second step, You have to separate pulp from seeds. And cut mangoes in raw shape.
  3. Put some Jaggery: Now, add some jaggery, you can add it according to your taste.
  4. Put it into blender: After adding jaggery in raw shaped mangoes, then put it in blender.
  5. Add some mint leaves: Just add some mint leaves in the blender, just to make it smell refreshing.
  6. Add Cumin Seeds: Now add some cumin seeds in it. Cumin seeds contains vitamin c, that really good for your skin.
  7. Add Black Salt: Now add 2 table spoon of black salt, or you can add black salt according to your taste.
  8. Blend The Mixture: Now you mixture is complete, you just have to blend it, for 2 or 3 minutes until to get thick mixture.
  9. Take out the mixture: Now, take a container and put mixture in it. You can make it preserve.
  10. Take 1 table spoon of mixture: Whenever you want to drink mango drink. You can take 1 table spoon of mixture from the container and put it into glass.
  11. Add Water: Now add water in the glass
  12. Ice Cubes: Now add Ice cubes, to make it cold and enjoy cold Refreshing Mango Drink.

Tip: You can also use simple salt, instead of black salt.

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