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How to Make Peek-a-Boo Tuxedo Braid step by step Tutorial

 How to Make Peek-a-Boo Tuxedo Braid

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Beautiful hairstyles enhance beauty of your face. Every girl wants to look good that’s why they loved to try different and unique hairstyles. There are many simple and unique hairstyles that are easy to make at home. A beautiful hairstyle can help you to change your look and make you look stylish. Here we are going to show you a tutorial of how to make peek-a-boo tuxedo braid. It is very easy and simple braid. You can make it by yourself at home. There are some steps that you have to follow carefully then you can make this beautiful braid hairstyle at home. This hairstyle is best for the Girls who don’t like to make their hairs open all the time.

Things you need to make Peek-a-boo tuxedo braid

  • Hair Brush
  • Some Barbie Pins
  • Elastic Number Bands
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Step By Step Tutorial to Make Peek-a-boo tuxedo braid

  1. Take a brush and comb it properly. Make your hair properly straight with the help of straightening iron. It will look more beautiful on straight hairs.
  2. Take some hairs in parts from the highest side of the head from the 1 inch of the center. Make all part join from the foreheads to downward to make a base from the neck.
  3. Now make a second part just same as the 1st part. After creating second braid leave your hair open.
  4. Secure some hair from the bottom aside.
  5. And create a braid by picking one hair from the left side and one from the right side.
  6. Does this step again and again until you create a braid as long as your hair is.
  7. Your braid should be like a French braid.
  8. Try to make it neat and clear French braid.
  9. Now tie up the braid with the help of elastic rubber bands.
  10. Add hairspray to remain it stay for the long time.

Step By Step Video Tutorial to Make Peek-a-boo tuxedo braid

Video © Cute Girls Hairstyles
Tip: If you don’t want to create full hair French braid then you can also make it half and tie up it with elastic rubber bands or Barbie hair pins. You can also decorate your peek-a-boo tuxedo braid hairstyle with beautiful beads and hair pins. Take some beads and apply it on your bottom of braid it will look beautiful and best for any type of functions. You can also make this hairstyle for some special occasions and parties. If you don’t want to apply hairspray then you can avoid it. This may be possible that when you try this braid for the first time it will not as clear as you want. But don’t feel disappointed. You can create it perfectly if you follow this tutorial carefully and properly. Here are also some pictures of the hairstyle that will help you to make this hairstyle by yourself at home.

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