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How To Make Panda Nail Art Design

How To Make Panda Nail Art Design

Nowadays nail art fashion is so much in. Every girl trying new art designs to make her hands look beautiful. There are many nail art designs that are in fashion. Panda Nail art design is one of the most hit nail art designs. It is very easy to make. You can make panda nail art design by yourself without the help of any expert designer. You just have to follow this amazing panda nail art tutorial.

Things that you need for How to make panda nail art design:

  1. Skin color nail polish
  2. Black nail paint
  3. white nail paint
  4. Glitter nail paint
  5. Transparent nail color
  6. Take tooth pick

Steps tutorial for how to make panda nail art design:

  1. In the event that you have the propensity for utilizing a base coat then utilize 2 layers of base coat before beginning with the outline. Presently when the base coat is dried, spread the nails with 2 liberal layers of a skin shading nail shine like Victoria from Tips and Toes or some other comparable nail shine which comes in skin shading. This shading will help the configuration to wake up. You can likewise utilize a dim shading or grimy blue shading for the base paint. Try not to utilize brilliant hues for the base paint.
  1. Spread the lower a large portion of the nails with the assistance of a specking apparatus or toothpick’s obtuse end with white shine. Make the shape something like roundabout or oval. This will at last turn into the leader of the panda. Utilize two to 3 layers of white shine to give it a more misty development.
  1. Utilize your dabbing instrument to precisely make the ears for the panda.
  2. Utilize your dabbing apparatus or the gruff end of a toothpick and dark shine to make the eyeballs for the panda’s eyes.
  3. Utilize your specking device or the obtuse end of the toothpick to legitimately utilize white clean on to the focal point of the dark circles that you have made for the eyes. Verify the white eye circles are tilted toward the inside.
  4. Put dark shine for the eyeballs with the assistance of a spotting instrument or the gruff end of a toothpick. Moreover include some sparkle shine to the ears for a more alluring look.
  5. In conclusion apply 2 layers of good quality straightforward shine to seal in the delightful outline. After the outline has been made, utilize a cotton bud or a bit of cotton stuck on a toothpick plunged into CH3)2CO or nail shine remover to clean the stray nail shines from sides, if any. Furthermore you can utilize nail craftsmanship bows to make a female panda. In the event that you utilize nail craftsmanship fired or plastic bows then stick them with nail workmanship paste or straightforward clean on the head at one of the ears.

Tip:  You can make this design with any color.

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