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How to Make Olive Oil Body Wash at home?

How to Make Olive Oil Body Wash at home?

Are you feeling inclined to become more organic than before? How about preparing everything at home on your own by using times old methods of ancestors? Let’s not forget that our ancestors had made themselves their soaps, facial creams and personal accessories on their own because there were no technologies in use for production of high-end soaps or body washes. Though we are very much into buying luxuries foams to cleanse our body because it’s almost an everyday regime for everyone of us but let’s imagine what kind of impact these chemical driven products are making on our skin.

Dry patches, blemishes, itch and inflammations are all caused by unnatural products which are being sold today as the finest quality body washes. They indeed contain enough amount of caustic soda that can peel off our skin. This soda is not designed to use to use for the skin, in fact it should only be used in the washing detergent but sadly it’s being added in a number of soaps today which are a part of our so-called safe body washing regime.

Be Natural to Safe Skin

Be Natural to Safe Skin

It’s never too late to turn yourself from reckless to natural to organic. Instead of buying body washing gels from the market why not create one at home. Organic formula will revive the beauty of skin cells- which have been exposed to harsh chemicals by now.

Olive Oil Your Best Bet

Women of old times used to wash their body with oils because they knew that such therapies can heal the body from inside out. Let’s admit that skin of 1950s women were better than that of women of the present time. It’s because they were organic and tried to use organic methods to do daily tasks.

Amongst many oils which were used for the body wash one is olive oil, let’s just admit that it’s the king of all oils due to its efficacy and results. The oil will never let you down whether you take it orally or use it physically; it has got some natural healing powers that no other oil has.

How to make Olive Oil Body wash at home?

You need the following ingredients to make a powerful body wash aka natural moisturizer:

  • Lavender oil as required
  • Sesame oil three table spoons
  • Olive oil (virgin, as required)
  • Castile Soap 2/3 table spoons
  • Some drops of essential oils

Mix all the oils well and add castile soap in the end.  Use a bottle with squirt top and shake well, you will get a leathery soap type body wash. Use this wonderful, natural body, pour some drops on wash cloth or scrubber to apply the soap on the body and pat your skin gently to remove dust and dirt.

This body wash has got a nice shelf life as long as you store it in a good and cool place. Bathroom itself is the best storage place for it, just keep the bottled air tied after use to maintain the condition of the natural body wash.

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