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How to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask At Home?

How to Make Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask At Home?

It would be wrong to assume that your hair is perfectly in shape and it does not need any treatment. Perhaps you haven’t checked your hair ends in the sunlight yet or have never cared to look if there is dandruff on the scalp. What causes this condition? What are possible reasons or causes for damaged, dull and lifeless hair? This is a million dollar question and I am providing you some clues just for the knowledge.

  1. Pollution is the first culprit to damaged hair. Our scalp, just like skin, secrets small amount of oil on daily basis. When you stay in a dusty place such as road or beach for a long time period the dust particles are lodged on the hair roots. The secretion of oil mixes with the dust, resulting in a sticky type of substance that damage the hair. You feel that you are getting dandruff. Itching might be the first feeling you will have when it happens.
  2. Sun Exposure is the second caused of dried and damaged hair. Don’t step out in the peak hours of the day and if you have to do, just wear a scarf around the hair as well as face to cover yourself from the dangerous effect of ultra violet rays.

Some Better Masks with Main Ingredients

We should be thankful for having so many natural products that can really help improve our beauty in the easiest way. Today I will share some tips on how to use two main ingredients to make some masks for your hair and get benefit from them in the long run.

Simple Honey with Olive Mask

Using raw honey as it is onto hair is not a good idea. It will be a messy and sticky substance, which can cause some irritation when applied. What you need to do is mix it with some kind of liquid mixture for a better coverage of hair on the entire scalp.


Three table spoons of olive

1/3 table spoons of honey

Method: Take a bowl and mix both ingredients in the amount mentioned above. Mix well and let the mixture get some cooler in the freezer. Apply it onto the scalp and do a soft massage all over as if you are patting yourself. Let the mask stays for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Mixture of Olive oil, Curd and Honey


  • 3 table spoons of olive oil
  • 2 table spoons of honey

Half bowl of freshly beaten curd

Method: Mix all together. Now part your hair in different sections because the mask is thick to be applied by using the brush only, you might need to use your finger tips to cover the root areas first.

Dip the finger in the mixture and apply it onto the scalp. Use the brush later once you are sure that every strand of hair root has been covered.

This mask can eliminate not only many hair infections but also increase hair growth by nurturing the roots from top to bottom.

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