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How to Make Lip Gloss? at Home Tips and Recipes

How to Make Lip Gloss? at Home Tips and Recipes

To look beautiful and stunning, an eye catchy lip gloss is necessary. As you know makeup is incomplete without a lipstick or lip gloss. There are a variety of glossies available in the markets but mostly it is happened that the color we want for lip gloss, we didn’t find anywhere. Therefore, in that situation it is important for you to learn some basic and easy recipe to make lip gloss at home. According to your choice of colors you can make it at home. Following are the some tips and recipes that how to make lip gloss.

Prepare lip gloss by using Vaseline:

The most easy and simple way to make it at home with Vaseline. Follow the steps to make lip gloss at home


  • Take Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Heat it up in microwave for 10 minutes
  • Now, add your choice of colors, flavor and scent.
  • Mix it properly
  • Keep it into refrigerator. Let it be cool properly
  • Now, take it out from the refrigerator and enjoy your lip gloss.

Kool aid lip gloss:

You can also make lip gloss at home with Vaseline and kool aid.


  • Take Vaseline.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of flavor drink such as kool aid
  • Mix then properly
  • Now, keep it in microwave until it melt completely.
  • Put it in refrigerator. Let it be cool.
  • Now, it’s ready to use after being cold

Utilize old eye shadow:

You can make lip gloss at home with your old eye shadow. Let’s see how?

  • Take eye shadow of your favorite color. Mash it properly. So that it can be convert in form of powder.
  • Now, mix this eye shadow powder in Vaseline.
  • Keep it in microwave. Let it be warm
  • Put it in refrigerator.
  • When it cools down properly then it is ready to use.

Use Beeswax:

 You can also make lip gloss at home with beeswax. Lets so how?

  • Melt the beeswax by keeping it in microwave.
  • Now add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Mix them properly
  • Make them cool by keeping in refrigerator
  • Now, it’s ready to use

Berry and honey:

You can use honey and berry to make it at home.

  • Take few berries
  • Add 1 table spoon of sweet almond oil
  • Melt them , using microwave
  • Make it chill at room temperature.
  • Now, it is ready to use.


Some important tips that I’m going to share with you about homemade lip gloss.  They are as follow.

  • Remember; don’t ever over heat the Vaseline or beeswax. If you do so then it can damage your lip. So be careful while melting them in microwave.
  • You can also use some fresh oils with Vaseline to add some shine in your gloss.

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