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How to make Ladder Braid Side Ponytail With video Tutorial

How to make Ladder Braid Side Ponytail With video Tutorial

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Here, we bring one more beautiful and stunning hairstyle tutorial for you. The ladder braid side ponytail is one of my favorite hairstyles and definitely you will also love it. Every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive. Mostly girls are conscious about their hairstyles. Due to which they spend a lot of money in salons just to make their hair look perfect. But it is not necessary to go beauty salon for hairstyles. You can learn different and beautiful hairstyles with the help of articles and video tutorial as well. If you have long straight and shiny hair then you can try this amazing hairstyle on you and it will definitely look gorgeous on you. It is little bit tricky but once you understand all the steps properly then, you will find it easy to create.  Today, in this article we will teach you that how to make ladder braid side ponytail. So, let’s start with the things you need to make this beautiful hairstyle.

Things you will need to make ladder braid side ponytail:

How to make ladder braid side ponytail Step by step Video:

Video © Cute Girls Hairstyles

Method to make ladder braid side ponytail:

  1. First of all, brush your hair properly. If you have wavy hair then you can make them straight with the help of straightening iron or leave it wavy. It is totally up to you.
  2. Take out a small section of hair from the underneath side of the head just next to the nape of the neck and tie up all other hair out of the way with the help of hair band.
  3. Start by making small simple braid by grapping the small section of hair.
  4. When you go to cross over the left outside strand of hair, take out a tiny sliver strand of hair and keep it out of the braid.
  5. Take out next stitch of braid and repeat the step 4.
  6. Until you have left 2 to 3 inches in the braid, repeat the step 4. And then tie up it with an elastic band. This is called a feather braid.
  7. Now, from the near to front take out the remaining hair from the hair band and take out another same size of small section of hair.
  8. Now, braid 4 to 5 inches into this braid and then from the feather braid add the first sliver of hair into the middle strand.
  9. Complete another stitch of the braid and from the feather braid, add second sliver of hair again.
  10. Once you run out of slivers to use, end up by making simple braid and tie up with elastic band. You will have a ladder looking braid sets on the top of the remaining hair.
  11. Now from the rungs pull the reaming hair with your fingers.
  12. Now, remove all small elastic bands from the side braid and take the ends of the side braid combine them together and tie up with one elastic band
  13. Now, spray a hair spray to make your hairstyle, stay for long.

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