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How to make hands soft in winters – How to get soft hand

How to make hands soft in winters - How to get soft hand

In winter rough and dry hands are common. It will not look ugly but also irritates you. Therefore, you need to take special care of it. You can use moisturizer or try homemade remedy to cure dry hands in winter that I’m going to share with you. Most of the girls wash hands twice or thrice times in a day that is the main reason of dryness. You should use hand wash rather than local soaps. If you want to make hands soft in winters then must try following tips.

Follow skin care routine:

It is very important to make a proper routine to take care of your skin and hands. As I mentioned above that you should avoid washing hands many times in winter and after you wash it use moisturizing creams to make it glorious look. You should keep in mind that you must know how to relief dry skin condition by Using Simple Products or moisturizing creams especially for winter.

Nails care in winter:

To make your hands look pretty, the care of nails is also very important. You can visit beauty salon once a week for nail care or you can use tips for how to take care of beautiful nails in winter. You can use beautiful nail paints to make them look beautiful.  Ginger is also very helpful to increase the growth of nails so, you can use it.

Use Almond oil:

If you are in search of some homemade moisturizer to make hands soft in winters then almond oil is best for you.


  • Massage your hands with almond oil for 5 minutes.
  • Do it regularly at night before sleep.

Mixture of dried coconut and sugar:

The combination of dried coconut and sugar is a great moisturizer to make hands soft in winters. You can make this mixture in a following way.


  • Take two tablespoon of dried coconut powder.
  • Add one teaspoon of sugar in it.
  • Add hew drops of milk to make a thick paste like a cream.
  • You can also add few drops of lemon juice.
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Massage your hands with it regularly.
  • You will surprise to see beautiful soft hands in winter.

Aloe Vera gel:

You can make a moisturizer by using aloe Vera gel. It is very helpful to make hands soft in winters.


  • Take aloe Vera gel and add one tea spoon of milk in it.
  • Add few drops of rose water.
  • Massage with it regularly to get better results.

All the above tips for how to make hands soft in winters are effective and useful. So, must try it and take special care of your skin in winter. If you want to know about more skincare tips in winter then stay connected with us.

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