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How To Make Half Moon Nail Art Design

How To Make Half Moon Nail Art Design

Before long it will be Spring again and I proceeded making a fun and simple DIY Nail Art instructional exercise motivated by the impending Spring/Summer nail patterns. For Spring we will see a considerable measure of pastel pinks, chalk whites, sparkles, double toe nail treatments and excellent shades of sky blue. A pattern that truly got my attention is the Half Moon in a summery pastel or hot neon on a naked (or bare hued) nail as seen on the runway in the Charlotte Ronson and Delpozo shows. Motivated by the patterns (and consolidating them) I made the Half Moon in a sky blue on a bare/delicate pink looking nail with extremely unobtrusive shines on the tips utilizing a portion of the 750 different colors.

Half moon nails art design are a vintage, retro look that is so simple to do. Your fun truth of the day? Ladies began doing half moon nail trims in light of the fact that it was viewed as profane have the whole nail painted. I ponder what individuals in the days of yore would have made of Japanese nail workmanship?! In any case, on account of famous people like Dita Von Teese and fashioners like Ruffian, half moons are all that much back in style. For this instructional exercise I utilized China Glaze as a part of Make An Ex trance, American Apparel Lacquer in Smoke Dazzle, Manicure Guide stickers from the dollar store and Sec-he Vite top coat. If you want to learn that How to make Half moon Nail Art Design then you have to follow this amazing and interesting tutorial.

Things that you need for Half Moon Nail Art Design:

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  • Sky Blue color Nail Polish.
  • Baby Pink color Nail Polish.
  • Sticker
  • Glitters.

Step by step Tutorial To Make Half Moon Nail Art Design:

  1. Begin with 1 layer of O.P.I “Sweet Heart”, utilize just 1 layer to keep the shading sheer and the nail looking naked, regular and sound. Let the nails dry.
  2. Add the White Tip guides (stickers) to your nails, right in the center, making a half moon at the fingernail skin and leaving a little space at the tips.
  3. Use 1 or 2 layers of the blue Finger Paints “Tiffany Imposter” filling in the zone around the fingernail skin. The shine is pleasant and rich, ideal for making the half moon! Let the nails dry a couple of minutes.
  4. After tenderly evacuating the nail trim strips you can custom include the Finger Paints “Sterling Sculpture” sparkle to the tips of your nails however you see fit an inconspicuous accent. (I like to cover minimal harsh spots and chips in the nails with the sparkle, glitters).

Tip: You can use different Nails color and create Half moon nail design by following same steps.

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