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How to make hair-wrapped rope braid

How to make hair-wrapped rope braid

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Every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive. Mostly girls are conscious about their hairstyles. Due to which they spend a lot of money in salons just to make their hair look perfect. But it is not necessary to go beauty salon for hairstyles. You can learn different and beautiful hairstyles with the help of articles and video tutorial as well. Today, in this article we will teach you that how to make hair wrapped rope braid hairstyle. It is very simple and easy to carry hairstyle.  So, let’s start with the things you need to make this beautiful hairstyle.

Things you will need to make hair wrapped rope braid:

How to make hair wrapped rope braid hairstyle Video Tutorial:

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Method to make hair wrapped rope braid hairstyle:

  1. First of all, brush your hair properly. If you have wavy hair then you can make them straight with the help of straightening iron or leave it wavy. It is totally up to you.
  2. Now, from directly behind the earlobe gather all hair in one side.
  3. Make a sided pony tail, tie up it with an elastic band and then take out a small strand of hair and twisted it around the elastic band.
  4. Now, divide the remaining ponytail hair into two large equal strands.
  5. Twisted both of the large strands in clockwise direction.
  6. When both strands are completely twisted then start winding the twist around each other in counter clockwise direction.
  7. Continue winding until you reach the end.
  8. Now, tie up the ends of your rope braid with elastic band.
  9. Use hair spray to make your braid stay for long.
  10. You can also take a hair band and apply it on your head.

Hopefully, you understand this beautiful hairstyle completely. This is really an easy hairstyle and also very quick to make. It is good for collage going girls, who have no time to make hairstyles that consume a lot of time. This hairstyle will hardly take 5 minutes. So, try this hairstyle at home. If you will not get succeed to create it, when you try it for the first time then no need to be worry about. Try it again and again until you succeed. It is very easy and simple. Mostly look good on teenagers collage going girls. You can also carry hand bands it will make your hairstyle to look more pretty and beautiful. Here is also pictures attach with the article so that it can become easy for you to understand the complete hairstyle properly. If you want to learn more beautiful hairstyles then stay connected with our websites for more hair tutorial.

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