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How to make French braid flower ponytail hairstyle

How to make French braid flower ponytail hairstyle

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Every girl wants to look gorgeous and stunning that’s why they try different and unique hairstyles to give themselves a new and unique look. There are many hairstyles that are easy to make and also bring positive change to the whole personality of a girl. If you want to attend a wedding and confused what to do with hair then you should read this article because here we bring for you the tutorial that how to make French braid flower ponytail hairstyle in easy and simple steps. This hairstyle is so beautiful and it is mostly suits on cute young girls and teenagers.

Things you need to make French braid flower ponytail hairstyle:

  • Hair brush
  • Some Barbie pins/ bobby pins
  • Elastic bands
  • Hairspray

Steps to learn how to make French braid flower ponytail hairstyle:

  • First of all, take a brush and comb your hair properly. If you have curly hairs then you can use straightening irons to make it straight because this hairstyle looks good on straight hair.
  • Now from the back of the crown, take a section of hair.
  • From this section, separate one small section on left side and one small section on right side.
  • Start making French braid by crossing the side of strands.
  • Carry on making a braid and from the both side incorporate the hairs into the braid.
  • When a braid touches the ear then bring the side pieces above the middle pieces and make them combined together.
  • Now, from the behind of each ear take two sections and make them combine with the middle piece.
  • Take a elastic band and tie up the two sections properly
  • Make a regular braid of sections and tie up with elastic band.
  • Enfold the braid in upward direction to create a spiral and above the first elastic band place it so that it can hide it.
  • Use Barbie pins on flower to make it stay in its place properly. But remember Barbie pins should be hidden and under the hair.
  • Now, use hairspray to make it stay for a long period of time.

Tip: You can also curl your hair from the end after making a French braid flower ponytail hairstyle.

Hope you understand the all steps properly. So, must try French braid flower hairstyle at home and give yourself a different and beautiful new look. It doesn’t matter what dress you are wearing western or eastern, because this hairstyle goes with all type of dresses.  This hairstyle is best for collage going girls. It may be possible that when you try this style for the first time it can be little messy but no need to be disappointed because it is a saying that” practice makes man perfect” So, keep on trying until you are succeed to create a beautiful flower braid.

Step by step video tutorial how to make French braid flower ponytail hairstyle

Video © – Missy Sue.

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