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How to make Four Strand Braid Updo at home

How to make Four Strand Braid Updo at home

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Having a cool hairstyle actually helps you stand out in the crowd. There are different hairstyles specified for different occasions and it is always recommended that you wear your hair just according to the occasion that you are going to be a part of. For example, if you get a tight hairdo and go to a concert, you might look inappropriate and retro. Just like the occasion, the clothes that you are wearing also change the look that you are supporting. Wearing a high neck means you cannot set your hair free no matter how much you want to do that because it won’t go well with the dress. At the same time, if you are wearing a long and flossy gown, having tied hair will further glamorize your entire look. Making up does is quite a tough thing to do and honestly, no one gets it right for the first time. If you are one of those people who love to watch other people having adorable hairdos but can’t make it yourself, this article has basically been written for you. Now, you can make your long gown look even better with an up do that will have a braid as well as a bun in it. Learning it is really easy and you will need some practice to get better with the time.

Things you will need for this bun:

There is nothing special you need to have in order to make this up do! All you need to have is

  • A brush
  • Some bobby pins
  • A band
  • A spray that will help you keeping the hair on the right position all the time. If you do not use the spray, you might find it difficult to manage the bun and it might lose its position.

Four Strand Braid Updo Step by step video tutorial:

Video © Missy Sue

Steps you need to follow:

For this hairdo, you need to ensure that your hair is soft and smooth so making it won’t be an issue for you.

  • Start with washing off your hair with a shampoo and do not forget to condition it later. The conditioner will help you having smooth hair without any tangles to it.
  • After washing your hair, towel dries it.
  • If you do not have enough time for that, you can simply blow-dry it and it will give a voluminous effect to the up do you are about to make.
  • Use your brush to detangle your hair and make sure not even a single strand of hair remains tangled. After that, assemble all the hair at the back of your head and make a lose ponytail out of it.
  • Once you make the pony tail, take small strands of hair at the back and roll them up to all the sides of the pony tail.
  • Keep taking the strands and rolling them up. Leave a small section of hair in the end and curl it up and surround you rounded bun with it.
  • Now, you have some hair left untouched at the crown. All you need to do is to take three small sections at the crown area and make a braid out of it.
  • Take the braid at the back of the head and attach it with the bun at the end with a bobby pin.

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