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How to make Flower Child Hair step by step tutorial

How to make Flower Child Hair step by step tutorial

Flower hair child are the accessories which are being used to make super delightful hairdos, especially hairstyle of children are most famous as its name flower child hair. Colorful flower strips are simply stunning when clipped on to your hair like a crown. So don’t miss this amazing hair style idea and lighten up the head of your little girl with some most amazing hair accessory. Parties require these types of styling trends and trust me flower child hair style comes with a promise of making your child prominent in everyone’s eye.

Here is a short tutorial which will teach you how to make flower child hair surprisingly. Again I must say everything needs practice, so don’t think like you will be a professional in just first try.

Things you need:

  • Brush: to make your hair straight
  • Hair elastics: to secure your braid
  • Flower child hair accessory: to head up on the braid.
  • Hair spray: optional

How to make Flower child hair:

Make a single braid:

First make a single braid and clip your favorite flower strip on to it. This is the simplest way to add flower child hair idea on your hair. You can also make any type of braid style first and after that roll up the flower strip around that braid.  In this method there is no need to continue your braid along with flower child hair. For furnishing, spray your hairstyle well and you are ready to go.

1- Sectioning go first:

Start with the sectioning of the front hair from where you want the braid to go, and tie the left over hair strands so it doesn’t irritate you while make a braid. Now brush your front hair nicely to step ahead clearly.

2- Start making a braid:

So let your braid begin. Leaving an inch from the right side of your ear to clip in the flower strip and then from this point start making your braid. Keep going until all the hair braided in along with a flower strip (starting from the right side of the ear towards the left side of your ear).

3- Pull up the flowers:

After completing the flower braid, pull up the flowers which are embedded in your braid while making it long. This is the final point which will give you a perfect look of a flower braid by scratching not only flowers but some hair strands too (for making it a loose and fluffy braid).

4- Make a pony tail or just let it go:

At last, it’s totally up to you what you want. You can either make a pony tail along with this flower braid, or simply you can round it up to the front of your head to give a crown style.

5- Spray your style:

Don’t forget to spray your style because it will be the finishing step which will for sure keep your hairstyle in its place.

Shine with your flower child hairstyle and let everyone burn! Isn’t it great? Give us your feed backs for more interesting hairdos.

Thank you!

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