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How to make double braid tieback hairstyle

How to make double braid tieback hairstyle

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Hairstyle is something that is loved by every girl. The unique and gorgeous hairstyle helps you to enhance the beauty of your personality. If you have long thick shiny hair then, you should try different styles on your hair to give yourself a new look daily. It is said that if you look good then you feel good. Therefore, today I’m going to share with you an amazing tutorial of how to make double braid tieback hairstyle. It will look beautiful on you so, must try it once. It is also very easy to make so, if you are collage going girl or a working women then you can make it quickly and reach your destination on time. So, let’s start .

You will need following things to make double braid tieback hairstyle:

  • Hair brush
  • Rattail comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastic bands
  • Hairspray

Step by step tutorial to make double braid tieback hairstyle:

  1. First of all, brush your hair properly. If you have curly hair then makes it straight because this hairstyle will look beautiful on straight hair.
  2. Now, begins by dividing your hair down the middle.
  3. You need to part from the top section down to the top of the ear to make double back tieback hairstyle.
  4. The section you have created in the step 3, now divide it into the half horizontal direction.
  5. On both the sections, create a regular 3 strands braid and tie it up with elastic bands.
  6. Now, repeat the step 3, 4 and 5 to create a regular braid on the other side of the head.
  7. Once you get the four braids, now it time to combine the four braids as shown in image to create a double braid tieback hairstyle. So, first take the first braid from the right side and combine it with the bottom braid on the left side. You just have to find the correct place where you can secure the braid with elastic band similarly as shown in the image.
  8. Now, take the braid from the left side and combine it with the bottom right braid and secure it with elastic band.
  9. Once you get the braid settled in a place where you want it to be then removing the extra elastic bands to make it look neat.
  10. You can use hairspray to make it stay for long.
  11. You can also watch video to understand all the steps more clearly.

This is the tutorial of double braid tieback hairstyle. Hopefully, you understand it properly. As i mentioned above that it is very easy to make and best for cute collage going girls. So, must try it and look beautiful and stunning. If you want to learn more hairstyles then stay connected with us.

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