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How To Make Crystal Nail Art Design

Make Crystal Nail Art Design

Here We bring one more amazing nail art design tutorial. Crystal nail art is easy and simple to make. Nail art make your hand beautiful and pretty. So try this crystal nail art tutorial to make your hand beautiful. It is so simple nail art that you can make it easily. just follow this tutorial properly and enjoy crystal nail art design. This tutorial is so much helpful to create unique nail art design. This design look so decent in wedding functions. You can use any color and make this design. It look beautiful with all color nail polish. girls who can go beauty salons they can create it by setting and home. The girls having small nail can also create this design. it also look beautiful in small shaped nails. Precious stone nails are another type of astonishing nail craftsmanship plan. They look exceptionally breathtaking. You can wear them for a gathering or for your own wedding. You will love the delightful way they convey a radiance to your nails. Standard nail paints get to be stunning with some precious stone augmentations. You can get these gems effectively from nearby specialties stores or from nail craftsmanship stores. Nail paste is utilized for settling them to the nails. To stay away from issue of the paste, you can utilize straightforward nail shine to settle them to the nails.

Things need to make Crystal Nail Art Design:

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  2. Whit nail color polish
  3. light pink nail polish
  4. thin paint brush
  5. black nail polish.
  6. Light green color.

Steps tutorial to make crystal nail art:

  1. First of all take white nail polish and apply it on your nails of both hands
  2. After apply white nail polish then take different two colors of nail polish. I am using light pink and light green color.
  3. Apply both color on your nail and spread them
  4. Now take thin paint brush
  5. And make thick lines as shown in the image below
  6. After that, take transparent nail polish and apply it on your nails
  7. To make your nails shine like crystal
  8. Do this on both of your hands
  9. Try to make it carefully and neatly.
  10. If you can’t make thick lines with paint brush then you can also use toothpicks.

Tip: You Can make it with different colors. Follow this tutorial step by step and enjoy crystal nail art design.

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