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How to make criss cross wrapped bun hairstyle step by step tutorial

How to make criss cross wrapped bun hairstyle step by step tutorial

Image © Missy Sue

If you want to look beautiful and stunning then a perfect and gorgeous hairstyle is important. Mostly girls don’t know how to carry their hair. Therefore, they spend a lot of money in beauty salons just to get an outstanding and attractive hairstyle for the wedding or some special occasions. As you know its winter, so in this cold season you can carry any hairstyle easily but you just need to learn fantastic hairstyling for yourself. It is easy to learn, if you read our hairstyle tutorials carefully. Today, we bring for you a tutorial of how to make criss cross wrapped bun hairstyle. You can also take help from the picture and video that is attached with the article.

You will need following things to make criss cross wrapped bun hairstyle:

  • Two hair sectioning clips
  • One elastic band
  • Twenty to thirty bobby pins
  • Medium hold hairspray

Step by step Video to make criss cross wrapped bun hairstyle:

Video © Missy Sue

Step by step to make criss cross wrapped bun hairstyle:

  1. First of all comb your hair properly. If you have wavy or curly hair then makes it dead straight with the help of hair straightener because this hairstyle will look good on straight hair.
  2. To create a middle section, start creating two vertical sections down the back of the head.
  3. Take the hair sectioning clip and tie the forward portion out of the way.
  4. Now make a braid of middle or center section and tie up with the elastic band.
  5. Above the ear, and on the right side pick up the one section of hair by letting down the side sections.
  6. With one part on the top of the other create a sort of half loop by wrapping the section around the back of the head and when it reaches towards the left side of the braid fold it under.
  7. By using the braid as an anchor, pins down the folding section with the help of bobby pin.
  8. Now, take out the small section from the left side and wrapped it around the back of the head. Just underneath the previous section of hair.
  9. Secure the second fold burn with the bobby pins.
  10. Until you reach the nape of the neck, keep making the folding burn just underneath the first one and secure it with the bobby pins.
  11. Twist the remaining hair together.
  12. Wrap it in clock wise direction into the bun and secure it with some bobby pins.
  13. To hold the style for long spray a medium holding hair spray on it.

It is very easy and beautiful hairstyle. Hopefully, you understand the all steps completely. If you have any issue then you can watch a video tutorial. When you try this hairstyle for the first time then it may possible that it look messy. Therefore, no need to worry about and try it again and again until you succeeds. If you want to know more hairstyles tutorial then stay connected with our website.

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