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How To Make Braided Half Up Prom Hairstyle

How To Make Braided Half Up Prom Hairstyle

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Here we bring one more, beautiful hairstyle tutorial for you. Braided half up prom hairstyle  is beautiful hairstyle that look amazing on girls having curl hairs. If you have straight hairs then you can also try this amazing hairstyle but first you have to make your hairs curl with the help of hair rollers or hair curl iron. This cool hair style is very easy to make, you can make it easily by yourself, no need of any experts beauticians. You can make it by just setting at your home. You just need to follow this amazing tutorial and try it at your  hairs. you will feel the change and look more pretty and beautiful.

Things that you need for How to make braided half up prom hairstyle:

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  2. Some small bobby pin
  3. comb in rat tail shape
  4. brush
  5. small hair elastics
  6. Hair spray.

Steps tutorial for how to make braided half up prom hairstyle:

  1. Start by preparing the hair for an up do. I utilized a 25mm twisting wand and added some hairspray to help characterize longer enduring curls.
  2. Take a front segment of hair, from the temple to the crown, and painstakingly back brush it all with a teasing brush {remember when teasing, just go in a descending movement, not a here and there movement. This will help include volume, yet keep the hair from tangling and being hard to take out later.
  3. When teasing is done, flip the hair back over and utilizing an edge of the brush or smoothing brush, delicately smooth the top surface of the hair just being cautious not to brush out your tease
  4. Leaving around 2 inches of hair over every ear down, assemble whatever remains of the teased hair and make a poof on top/front and shape it to your preferring…
  5. When you adore the way the top looks, set it by intersection bobby sticks in the back {I utilized four pins to get Brooklyn’s thick hair to stay set up all day}…
  6. Next, take the two inches of hair on one side of the head and Dutch interlace them. I began with Dutch Braid sewing {adding hair in the sides} for three or four join, before changing to a general 3 strand twist.
  7. Just go a couple of join past the back focal point of the head before securing the mesh with a versatile…
  8. Presently backtrack and hotcake the interlace {making the hair look all the more full furthermore cover any undesirable part lines…
  9. Rehash Steps #6-8 on the opposite side of the head…
  10. At that point take one mesh over the poof bobby sticks and secure set up…
  11. Next, traverse and bobby pin you simply set, making a point to tuck the elastics under other plait to conceal them…
  12. Utilize an in number completing shower to set the style.

Steps Video tutorial for how to make braided half up prom hairstyle:

Video © Cute Girls Hairstyles
Tip: You can also tie up your hairs after making this braided half up prom hairstyle.

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