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How to Make Boho Inspired Braid in Five Minutes without Practice

How to Make Boho Inspired Braid in Five Minutes without Practice

We all love wearing sheer maxi outfits in summer because it’s always too hot outside to wear heavy clothes. In this year you will see more of sheer outfits and more of breathable clothes, with all these delicate variety you might want to wear something very inspirational and special in hairstyles. Usually we need to keep all our hair tied in a ponytail or band in order for air to pass through neck and body area but sometimes there comes a very special summer party for you have to transform your makeover beautifully. For such events, I have come up with a nice braid which is called boho braid. Two braids are covered over the forehead, they look like nice bands, you will definitely catch attention for it.

Things you will need for making boho braid:

  • Hair gel for smoothing hair
  • Hair brush to make soft waves
  • Bobby pins four or five
  • Hair wax to settle the front braid

Step by step tutorial on boho braid

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly after taking a nice bath.
  2. Let your hair get dry a bit and then apply the hair gel to soften the hair ends.
  3. Make soft curls on the back hair after separating two straight hair strands out from both side of the head.
  4. Now take hair strands from the right side and divide it in three loops . Cross the right loop over the middle loop and then cross the left loop over this stitch of two loops. You will get one perfect stitch of three.
  5. Repeat the process 4 to make several small stitches until you run out of the hair.
  6. Now make another braid on the same side.
  7. Cross both braids together over the forehead and pin them on the left side.
  8. The smaller braid would be easy to set in place.
  9. Apply hair wax if braid does not settle in easily or loosen up. You can use the spray as well for the same purpose.
  10. Now finger brush your waves and set them free and flowing.

Extra tip: If you don’t want to make two braids on the same side, you can opt for two crossed braid. Make one on the right side and make one on the left side, cross the right on the left side of the head and left one on the right, you will get a nice crossed style that everyone will love.

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