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How to Make Beautifully Diffused Curls without Going Saloon?

How to Make Beautifully Diffused Curls without Going Saloon

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If you are quite conscious about your hairstyle and makeover you must be looking for some ideas on personal grooming and at-home hairstyling for sure. It’s not wise as well as economical to spend hundreds of dollars on hairstyling while you can learn some styles yourself by watching or reading tutorials. Today we are going to teach you how to make beautifully diffused curls without going saloon.

Why go to saloon and spend money on getting a messy hairstyle when you have all the accessories available which are needed to do a nice style without any hassle? When you have a hair dryer, some hair waxes and mousse you needn’t worry about getting anything done at the saloon, especially for the parties as you can somehow manage to make curls, chignons and at least some nice updos by following some step by steo instructions.

There is no rocket science involved in creating perfect messy curls, all you need are couple of hair products and a perfect hair drying machine. The way you will handle the hair dryer would determine how beautiful, loose and perfect your curls or chignons would be.

Read this tutorial now to learn how to get diffused curls without going saloon.

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Step by step Tutorial on how to get beautifully diffused curls

How to Make Beautifully Diffused Curls without Going Saloon

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  1. First take a mild warm bath or damp your hair using a water hair spray. Splash the spray onto hair to make them little wet. Spray more on the hair ends as they need more processing during drying process.
  2. Now apply a nice mousse on your hair and part your hair. Either center part it or side- part it. The parting should be done according to face shape.
  3. Use paddle brush to take out the tingles.
  4. Now scrunch your hair a little bit and use hair dryer to style the hair.
  5. Start from the upper sections of the hair. You’ll need diffuser attachment on the dryer to get the nice and loose curls.
  6. As you dry on the upper hair sections keep scorching to improve the quality of the curls.
  7. Now use the hair dryer on the hair ends, make some curls here. You need to focus on getting more curls on this section.
  8. Scrunch the head a bit and set the curls. The more you will use your finger the better curls you will get of course.
  9. When you are done, use a styling spray to make the curls hold their shape.
  10. Don’t use extra spray on the hair, it can make your hair appear stiff than loose and bouncy. You just need one splash of spray on hair.
  11. Apply some gel glitter on the hair softly if you are doing hairstyling for a party or event.

Step by step Video Tutorial on how to get beautifully diffused curls

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