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How to Make Beautiful Knotted Braid Step by Step Tutorial

How to Make Beautiful Knotted Braid Step by Step Tutorial

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If you are tired of wearing ponytails, you might want to try a nice and sleek braid that will keep your front hair away from the eyes, making your sight more visible and more comfortable. You won’t have to keep pulling your hair away over and over again once you make this beautiful knotted braid hairstyle which would take only 3-5 minutes.

Before making this hairstyle, you must wash your hair because you will be making two braids and join them in the middle, making a knot whilst the rest of hair would be set free, they would be combed well later. If your hair is greasy, messy and rough, the braid would not come out beautifully, also you will have a hard time making the knots on the hair loops, they might slip off of the hand while you will try the braiding knots.

Things needed for knotted braid:

  • A good brush with nice bristles
  • Rat-tail comb to take the hair sections
  • Hair spray bottle to fix the braid
  • Elastic band to tie the hair braid in the end
  • Two or more bobby pins to fix
  • Accessories if required

Step by step tutorial on how to make beautiful knotted braid:

  1. Wash your hair and condition it and let it dry completely. Use hair dryer if in hurry.
  2. Now use the brush to flatten the hair from head to ends.
  3. Begin by making two hair sections by making a partition the hair from the middle.
  4. Now make another straight line which should be less than two inches above the ear, towards the head area. When you make a braid, you always start from ear and make your way towards the head.
  5. From here, you have got to make a new part which should be started from the middle, small hair would fall over the ear where as small would make a parted section in rectangular shape
  6. Now hold this part in hand and gather it with rest of the hair and secure it to make the weave.
  7. The hair which is pulling out in rectangular part section can be seen, it should be divided into two small strands or loops. Take the back strand and overlap it over the front strand. Wrap the front strand over, then under it and now you have got your first knot.
  8. Repeat the procedure to make more knots just like you make in a French braid.
  9. Create more knots until you run out of hair.
  10. When you have done with all the hair, you must contribute and add few more knot stitches without adding here from the hair as you have run out it already. Use hairspray at this point to set the knots in their position.
  11. Secure the braid with an elastic band and use bobby pin if needed to hold the hair.
  12. Make second braid on the other side of the head and secure it.
  13. When both braids are done, tie both together into one tie back by using elastic rubber band.
  14. Splash the spray again to make the braid stay in its position for hours.

Step by step Video tutorial on how to make beautiful knotted braid:

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