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How to Make a Nice Crossed Braid without Experience

Crossed Braid

Whether it is a fishtail braid or a water braid you have to work hard on three or four loops to make one stitch, sometimes you forget which hair stands to be crossed in order to complete the braid. This happens when you are too mentally fatigued to complete any task. There are some days in week that you feel like something easy to pull off such as crossed braid with some casual waves. Nonetheless you feel fancy for hairstyles which are easy to make and wear.

You don’t need a lot of practice for making this braid, to get started you can try it on your friend’s hair, it would be a lot easier for you to try it on your own hair later once you get a hold of it.

Preparing your hair

Though this crossed braid is very simple style anyone can make at home but it’s very important to prepare your hair. When your hair is frizzy or rough in texture it can definitely mess up with the finish of the stitches. I admit that the braid is easy but you still have to try it on freshly washed and conditioned hair.

Things you will need to make crossed braid

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  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair serums
  • Hair rollers to set some nice curls
  • Hair spray , it’s optional

Make a Nice Crossed Braid Step by Step guide:

Make a Nice Crossed Braid Step by Step guide

  1. Wash and brush your hair thoroughly before making this braid.
  2. Take one very small hair section from the right side and divide it in three parts. Cross the first loop over the middle and cross this new crossed loop beneath the third hair loop. You will get one stitch. Complete several stitches until you reach the end of that hair section.
  3. Repeat the process 2 on the other side of the head. Take one small hair section from the left and make a small, sleek braid on three hair strands.
  4. Now cross the right braid over the left side and pin it up to secure its position.
  5. Cross the left braid over the right side of the head.
  6. Both braids will overlap each other. You need to pin them correctly to maintain the style.
  7. Finger brush your waves on the bottom hair.
  8. If some hair is straying in the middle of the braids you can set it using brush and some gel.
  9. Use hair spray to fix your braid in its condition.
  10. You are ready to step out now. For a little decoration, you can use hair accent in the middle or anywhere on the braid.

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