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How to make a Dutch starburst braid hairstyle tutorial

How to make a Dutch starburst braid hairstyle tutorial

A perfect hair styling is something that makes you look beautiful and attractive. Every girl wants to look stunning that’s why they spend a lot of money in beauty salons so that they can get outstanding hairstyle for their special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties. But now, you don’t have to spend huge amount of money in salons because we bring for you amazing and beautiful hairstyle tutorial i.e. How to make a Dutch starburst hairstyle. This hairstyle is little bit tricky but once you understand all the steps of tutorial completely then it is easy to make this hairstyle for you. Let’s start from the things you need.

You need following things to make a Dutch starburst braid hairstyle Video

You need following things to make a Dutch starburst braid hairstyle:

Step by step tutorial to make a Dutch starburst braid hairstyle:

  1. First of all brush your hair with hair brush. If you have wavy or curly hair then you can make it straight with the help of straightening irons.
  2. Now, start with the hair divided off to one side slightly, and then part out a circle crown around the head it must be about one inch from the hairline and tie up with the elastic band.
  3. Spread all the hair from over the elastic of the ponytail so that you can make lays evenly around the head.
  4. Take two small section of hair from the ponytail and go back to your offset part and then take one section from the hair bang that is outside the ponytail, in this way, you will get 3 stands of Dutch braid.
  5. Now create a regular simple Dutch braid by adding in hair of ponytail to the top of the strand and also in base hair into the bottom stand for each and every stich.
  6. Until you reach the rear center, keep working on your way back around the head crown and finish it by creating three strand braids and secure it with elastic band.
  7. Now create a same braid on the opposite side of the head by going back to the start front part line but take your top strands and with the first stitch of your first Dutch thread it. It will help you to give seamless stiches.
  8. Now repeat steps 5,6,7,8 and create a braid on opposite side.
  9. Now, take out the elastic bands from the temporary three braids in your hand and make a fishtail braid or regular simple braid by combining both of them.
  10. Take elastic band and secure the end of your braid.
  11. Now, you can use hair spray to make your Dutch starburst braid hairstyle stay for long.

Hopefully, you understand the all step completely. You must try this amazing hairstyle at home. If you want to learn more hairstyle tutorial then stay connected with our website.

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